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Leaders: Here’s How to Actually Listen to Your Team

The first potential issue with the traditional active listening model is that it creates the opportunity to appear as if we are attentively listening when we are not. There is a huge difference between appearing to listen and actually listening. I would confidently wager that many readers are quite skilled at maintaining eye contact, smiling, […]

Tackling Difficult Conversations Requires a Deliberate Mind Shift from Leaders 

From discussions about burnout, stress, workplace safety, the great resignation, and workplace inequality – chances are – leaders have had to navigate difficult conversations more frequently than ever before over the past 20 months. In fact, a recent survey from SHRM found “41% of U.S. employees feel burnt out from work while another 23% report feeling depressed.” […]

5 Ways to Maximize Listening In a Virtual Workplace

Ticking clocks are the enemy of listening, and COVID-19 has turned life into a pressure cooker for leaders worldwide. Their businesses require more attention, their employees require more support, their families’ routines have unraveled, and their pursuits have been neglected. The more leaders feel besieged, the more they focus on reducing the time it takes […]

5 Ways You Can Lead by Listening

In times of crisis, people need leaders, not heroes, with the confidence required to listen and remain open-minded to expert opinion. This isn’t always easy considering that humans are wired to listen and defend what they already believe and to disregard information that makes them uncomfortable. Stress and uncertainty further complicate the listening process when […]