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How to Ensure Values Are Actually Lived in Your Organization

Most leaders today understand the importance of having clearly articulated values that guide the decisions and behaviors of team members. But it seems that many organizations treat “core values” as just another couple of buzz words. Leaders get excited about creating core values that they hope will inspire both team members and customers. The values […]

How to Embrace Change and Make It a Tool for Growth

Intellectually, we all know that the one constant in the workplace – indeed in each moment of life – is change. We know that each moment is never quite the same as the one that precedes it. Yet, for many of us, change is a significant source of anxiety that limits our performance and our potential. When […]

The Surprising Secret to Employee Engagement

Ever since the Conference Board began studying it in 1987, employee engagement has steadily declined. A recent Gallup Poll reported that only 30 percent of Americans are actively engaged while at work. Have you ever wondered why this is happening? I recently had the opportunity to interview Mark C. Crowley(above), the author of Lead From the […]

6 Tools For Creating High Performance Teams

The world is replete with organizations with great strategies. But how many of those great strategies are actually executed? Less than 15%. That’s the number that John Spence shared with me when we spoke recently. John is the author Awesomely Simple, and an executive trainer and coach who has worked as a trusted advisor with numerous Fortune 500 […]

Magic Balloons and Building Influence as a Leader

It has been said that influence is the foundation of leadership. I was recently reminded of the essence of influence and how to create it as I watched some rather magical balloons float up to the heavens. I was grabbing a bite to eat on the lovely terrace outside the Terrace Café at Shands Cancer […]

11 Leadership Lessons from a Prison, Monastery and Boardroom

Matt Tenney’s new book Serve to Be Great: 11 Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom sets out to demonstrate that by simply shifting focus away from short-term goals and financial gain toward more effectively serving the people on their teams, leaders can create conditions for superior long-term results while simultaneously making the […]

How to Compassionately Deal with Poor Performance

Does being a compassionate, servant leader mean that we should keep team members who are not performing well? Using the approach below, we can often help an underperforming team member to improve and grow. And, when necessary we can use the approach to compassionately let someone go without having to fire them. Addressing Poor Performance […]

Linking Innovation with Compassion

In the recipe for creating and sustaining a highly innovative culture, could compassion be the most important ingredient? It’s well known that as organizations continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and retain highly innovative people. Most large organizations become increasingly bureaucratic as they grow, and nothing will drive away highly innovative people […]