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If You Want to Succeed Leave Your Ego at the Door

Dave DuPont

Dave DuPont is the CEO of TeamSnap. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, TeamSnap has taken the organization of youth, recreational and competitive sports into the 21st century. Eleven million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap’s web and smartphone apps to sign up, schedule, communicate and coordinate their team or club for the season […]

The Sad Fable of The Successful Business that Failed

In the land of Milk and Honey, there was once a first-time CEO who founded a company that he intended to become a gamechanger. And it was. The CEO did all the right things, or so he thought. He hired a team of people that were incredibly bright and hungry to make their mark. The […]

How Jazz Can Teach Us About Leadership

Miles Davis starts with a delicate low rumble. John Coltrane listens quietly, waiting until he feels the beat, tone and tenor of the piece. He joins Miles slowly, complementing and adding until the two dance with each other. Paul Chambers, the bassist, waits patiently, feels the beat and offers a quiet undertone while simultaneously reinforcing […]

Leaders: Are Your Vines Happy?

George MacLeod is a 92-year-old man who grows grapes and produces award-winning wine. In addition to the inspiration I draw from him as an elder, who has done so much with his life and continues to stay vibrant and alive, enacting his plans and vision for the future, I’m also inspired by his approach to […]

Encouragement versus Discouragement: A Personal Journey

For the past few months, I’ve been guided by a simple notion that appears to be quite powerful in how I relate to others. It has to do with encouraging versus discouraging. About a year ago, I began to see this distinction clearly, which begs the question, why hadn’t I seen this before? We’ll come […]

Gender Intelligence: Integrating Masculine and Feminine

Many traditions have as a model, the power of the integration of the masculine and feminine. In the Chinese tradition, Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine) are seen as forces that when brought together, become a natural whole. In the Hindu tradition, Shakti is the goddess of the feminine and Shiva the god of the […]

The Comfort of Sameness

In Touched With Fire psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison reveals her own extraordinary emotional challenges that gave rise to her own career as a psychiatrist and speaks about how many of history’s greatest artists have faced similar enormous hardships in their lives—mental and emotional disorders such as manic depression, bipolar disease, and severe mood swings. Like […]

The Long View

I have been reading a ton about all of human history in anticipation of a new book I’m working on. It has provided me with a fresh perspective on life that has been an unexpected and welcome surprise. I notice that in so much of my life I see patterns that appear to be quite […]

We are all the Same

Last year, an aspiring artist, Jonathan Harris, visited Bhutan to learn about why this country is so imbued with happiness. Bhutan, is noted for measuring its Gross Happiness Product, rather than what we do in western cultures, which is to measure our Gross National Product. This model cares more about social and spiritual well-being than […]

George Fink: I Tip My Hat to You

I sat next to a well-dressed older gentleman on the plane the other day. For quite a while he and I exchanged pleasantries, nothing more than the typical, “do you mind getting up so I can go to the rest room,” kind of exchange. And then, about half way through the trip he struck up […]