What Would it Take to Fall in Love With Your Business?

Those who know me, know that I’m the expressive type. I like language, phraseology, and metaphors and I believe that life can be lived in technicolor. I believe the same to be true of a business. I am relatively alone in this thinking. In fact, sometimes my views are considered to be ‘light’ or esoteric […]

Cracking the Leadership Code: Trader Joe’s – a Remarkable Retail Business

‘Business intimacy’. These two words aren’t often used in the same sentence. Many might argue that it’s not even plausible to use emotive words such as ‘intimacy’ in a business context.My contention is that it’s highly performance-enhancing to develop such a degree of closeness with your business because it enables you to intervene in a […]

Becoming an Exceptional CEO is a Game of Inches. Impatience is Your Foe

“The only way to become good at something is to practice the ordinary basics for an uncommon length of time. Most people get bored. They want excitement. They want something to talk about, and no- one talks about the boring basics. Boredom encourages you to stop doing what you know works and do something that […]

Get on Top of Yourself: How to Recognize Your Disintegration Patterns

“Get on top of yourself.” A colleague muttered this phrase in the midst of an Enneagram debriefing session (note: if you’re looking for a profiling tool for you or your team, this is categorically the best I’ve come across in 20 years of doing this work). It made me think about the importance of maintaining […]

9 Ways to Craft a Great Leadership Conversation

‘Leadership is a contact sport’. To lead means to engage, to talk, the debate, to steer, to manage, to placate. All of that happens in conversations, and so it stands to reason that knowing how to architect a leadership conversation really matters. It’s an easily-dismissed point, however. After all, talking is natural and many leaders […]

Are You a Leader on the Cusp? You’re Not Alone

Every so often, I try and share a broad perspective about what I’m seeing across my CEO advisory landscape to make a comparison with other CEOs or recognize similar challenges that CEOs are facing to yours. My hope is that it a) gives you a sense that you are not alone, and b) gives you […]

Are You Building an Organization or a Business?

The answer to this question is key to those of us who spend time thinking about organizational development. A business is a ‘thing’, a linear entity that takes money in – pits it against the costs of creating this money – and kicks out a profit. It is monitored by the sole metric of ‘money […]