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The Three Big Reasons New Products Fail (and How to Avoid Them)

As your organization takes its place in the digital transformation that’s underway everywhere, you’ll inevitably need to create or update a large number of different products. But just because you think your shiny new app, website, service, or other digital offering is great doesn’t automatically mean the customer will. According to Nielsen, 85 percent of new consumer […]

To Earn Love from Digital Customers, Follow This 5-Step Formula

Today’s customer is “digitally driven.” So, if your brand is going to thrive, digital must be at the core of what you do. Add-ons and tweaks aren’t good enough. To earn and keep customer love, you’re going to have to make sure they can access your products and services quickly and seamlessly. For most legacy […]

If You’re Not Digitally Transforming, You’re Dying. (6 Reasons to Do It Now)

This isn’t your father’s customer base. It takes more than tweaks to meet their needs; it takes a complete overhaul. A new book Winning Digital Customers, lays out six big reasons why you need to transform — starting yesterday. The world is changing rapidly, and once-loved “legacy” brands are falling out of favor. The reason is […]