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The $70 Trillion Arctic Ice Problem We Shouldn’t Ignore

Atmospheric CO2 has been consistently measured since 1956 in Hawaii. Calculated figures over geological times have suggested vast changes in CO2 levels, surface temperatures and changes in the climate; now we are in the Anthropocene Era, in which mankind alone is responsible for rapid climate change, implied from the very rapid rise in CO2 and […]

US-China Climate Pact A Good Start, But Not Quite Enough

The meeting in Lima, Peru, of the United Nations Framework Convention on Global Warming, which concluded on Sunday without a pathbreaking agreement, sent a strong message about how seriously we should be treating the global climate crisis. But, really, it is only the actions of a select few nations that will have any lasting impact […]

Digital Currencies do Represent the Future

In the past few years, a curious new economic fad has swept across the world, spurred by the rapid rise of one simple piece of software. You’ve heard about it on the news, you’ve read about it on the Internet and if you’re bold, daring and wealthy enough, you may have actually bought something with […]

And The Most Promising Green Technologies Of 2014 Are…

Looking back on 2013 it is apparent that we’ve reached a unique place in history where technology and the modern lifestyle are merging. And we seem to have finally reached a point where the technologies we build and choose to integrate into our lives have been developed with environmental impact in mind. In the past, […]

Why the U.S. Should Grant Edward Snowden Amnesty

As we say goodbye to 2013 and look forward to all that is to come in the New Year, I would like to take a quick opportunity to look back at one particular globe-changing event that began this past June. The event – which is still ongoing – was the leaking of classified information regarding the […]

May we be more optimistic!

Two years ago, writing for Khaleej Times, a leading daily in the United Arab Emirates, I was mildly pessimistic yet held out hope for the future in 2012. I was too early! The real fallouts of the big financial crisis had yet to take place — and indeed are still ongoing with the big banks being […]