Real Leaders

The SDGs Can Benefit Society And Profit Margins

Profit is the primary reason for being in business. It shouldn’t be considered a dirty word. Making money can be done while also making society better. In short, satisfying the pocket and the heart are not mutually exclusive. To sustain a healthy bottom line, your organizational reputation is critical. It is based on trust and […]

Ignoring Educational Foundations Can Impede Future Business Growth

Business leaders all around the world agree that one of the major challenges to growth and competitiveness is the lack of enough people with the correct skills and competencies. On the supply side, education service providers (and governments) often don’t appreciate they are part of a market system in which young people, labour force participants […]

Sustainability Programs Don’t Always Lead to Sustainable Business

Can I do this forever? That’s the key question to answer if you want to figure out if something is sustainable. Plastic, for example, has been part of our daily lives for the past fifty years or so. Used in everything from food containers and toys to bottles and bags, one of its main qualities […]