Real Leaders

3 Principles for Smarter Innovation Decisions

Company leaders pride themselves on their ability to make critical decisions to drive their business. Yet, sadly, most companies don’t use hard data to make innovation decisions. The result is an 85- to 95-percent failure rate in innovation.  Why don’t leaders use data to make more decisions? It’s because they don’t know that they can!  […]

3 Secrets to Convincing Investors to Invest in Your Idea

To create, communicate and commercialize an innovation requires a lot of money. The money can come from your existing company, from outside investors or from your own savings. Note: When it’s from your own savings, it’s not uncommon that decisions won’t be fully your own. You may have a spouse or partner who has a […]

Thinkers And Doers Must Work Together – or We’ll All Fail Spectacularly

An urgency to ignite a step change in collaboration between the Thinkers and the Doers in our organizations struck me recently as I walked the shore of New London Bay on Prince Edward Island, Canada.   Two examples of Thinkers versus Doers include marketing versus sales and engineering versus production. Marketing creates programs to sell; sales actually go face […]