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When Insurance Companies Give You Lemons — Make Lemonade

A leading innovator in the insurance space is a B Corporation called Lemonade. This startup insurer builds its business on a give-back system that allows customers to select nonprofits that receive any unused premiums. Lemonade Cofounder and CEO Daniel Schreiber says donating that money rather than keeping it as profit has produced more than $1 […]

How B Corps Offer Real-World Lessons for Future Business Leaders

Certified B Corporations are a growing field of study for the business leaders of the future — the students at a number of universities where faculty are part of B Academics, the global B Corp academic community. The group’s leaders include Jessica Yinka Thomas, Director of the Business Sustainability Collaborative and Lecturer at the Poole […]

6 Ways You Can Commit to NetZero 2050, And Become a Part of the Solution

The science behind climate change is clear: If we don’t achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we will not limit the planet to a 1.5 degrees Centigrade temperature change. The level of climate impact will be catastrophic to life as we know it on Earth. This realization is what drives Gonzalo Muñoz (above), co-founder of […]