Author: Carol Cone

7 Lessons From Davos 2020: It’s Time to Act

Welcome to the era of stakeholder capitalism: a system through which business is an engine for prosperity, not just profit. This moment has been heralded for over a decade—and with growing enthusiasm, the last few years—and was firmly placed in the zeitgeist at this year’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.  Celebrating its 50th […]

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Gillette’s Brave Message Lacks Action. Here’s How They Can do More

The “shiny red object” in marketing these days is “adver-activism.” This development is inspiring creatives around the world to consider social issues central to their campaigns. While exciting that advertising agencies are convincing clients to jump into the often-roiling waters of hotly-debated social issues, the new Gillette ad (or “short film,” according to the brand) […]

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Welcome to The Tipping Point of Capitalism

At a time defined by political scandals, nuclear threats, and turbulence on Wall Street, business is society’s unlikeliest hero. A series of watershed statements, reports, and initiatives from some of the world’s most well known capitalists is heralding a new zeitgeist, during which businesses are expected to exist to benefit society – not just shareholders. If you […]

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