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4 Steps to Meet and Beat the Demands of Your Employees

The past few years have taught businesses many hard lessons. Among them, leaders must expect the unexpected, and no issue is off-limits for an organizational response. Consumers have become increasingly skeptical of green and purpose claims, while employees have found their voice  — and aren’t afraid to use it. So much has changed during this […]

7 Lessons From Davos 2020: It’s Time to Act

Welcome to the era of stakeholder capitalism: a system through which business is an engine for prosperity, not just profit. This moment has been heralded for over a decade—and with growing enthusiasm, the last few years—and was firmly placed in the zeitgeist at this year’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.  Celebrating its 50th […]

Gillette’s Brave Message Lacks Action. Here’s How They Can do More

The “shiny red object” in marketing these days is “adver-activism.” This development is inspiring creatives around the world to consider social issues central to their campaigns. While exciting that advertising agencies are convincing clients to jump into the often-roiling waters of hotly-debated social issues, the new Gillette ad (or “short film,” according to the brand) […]

Welcome to The Tipping Point of Capitalism

At a time defined by political scandals, nuclear threats, and turbulence on Wall Street, business is society’s unlikeliest hero. A series of watershed statements, reports, and initiatives from some of the world’s most well known capitalists is heralding a new zeitgeist, during which businesses are expected to exist to benefit society – not just shareholders. If you […]