Real Leaders

Recognizing When Your Strengths Cast a Shadow and 8 Ways to Fix It

A lot has been written in recent years about “strength-based” development approaches. Research suggests that you’re better off building on your natural strengths and talents than trying to improve your weaknesses. The usefulness of the strength-based approach explains its popularity. It makes good sense: put yourself in situations where your gifts and talents can be […]

The Dark Side of Leadership

When you hear the word leadership, what comes to mind? Most people associate leadership with being the best of the best, demonstrating high ideals, and living and acting with integrity. But as long as there have been leaders in the world, there have been leaders who have blatantly compromised their principles. In fact, one of the […]

Fear-Based Leadership Is Bad Business. Try These 4 Steps Instead

As a leader, you may be tempted to stoke people’s fear when they aren’t getting things done. Maybe this was the approach your bosses used on you. But if you aim to build people’s courage—to rise to the occasion, conquer new tasks, and embrace challenges—you won’t get there by putting fear inside them. You’ll get […]