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10 Impact Investing Strategies

Impact investing has moved from the fringe toward the mainstream, but individual investors still have many moving parts and challenges to consider. If you’re committed to impact as well as wanting to protect your financial future, you can attain various levels of financial return together with the generation of social and environmental impacts. And you […]

Farm Grows ‘Organic’ Returns for Impact Investors

It’s tough to find a better example of environmental stewardship and sustainable use than organic farming. Indeed, the responsible growth of food that sustains us is pretty much the ideal picture of what the impact investing ethos is, and aims to be. With only an estimated 1 percent of farmland in the United States certified […]

Impact Investing for the 99%: A New Path to Mainstreaming

All investments have impact. But to-date, impact investing has been largely limited to small, private companies, and accessible only to accredited investors. What if it were possible for normal folks to easily allocate their retirement portfolios in such a way that maximized the impact of their investments on issues they care about – e.g. climate change, […]

Impact Investing Goes Mainstream

“You cannot separate people from the environment,” says Michael Van Patten, former Mission Markets CEO and current Founder of ethical investment tech company my4. His new company is a marketplace for investors within the impact and sustainability sector looking for a way to align their personal values with their investments. He shared his views on impact investing with […]

Making Impact Investible

Download this free report by Dr. Maximilian Martin of Impact Economy, Switzerland which aims to strengthen the impact investing industry. A culmination of three years work, the report discusses how all parties involved — from foundations to angel investors to financial service institutions — can contribute to and benefit from the growing impact investing industry. It […]

People, Planet, Profits

We need leaders to come up with ridiculous ideas and impossible solutions, says Mark Van Ness, the founder of an innovative real estate company. We need, Mark Van Ness believes, greater synergy between people, planet and profit, and it is clear old ideas are simply not working. He’s in good company as a recent Harvard […]