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Thank you for applying to the 2022 Real Leaders Impact Awards! The final step to complete your application is to verify your revenues. Please have your CPA submit the Revenue […]

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ResolutionCare Network

Ranking: 123 Industry: Telehealth Mission: A health care team that provides palliative care support, offering pain, symptom, and stress management for those who face serious illness. Rural-focused and technology-enabled, they […]

Morton Solar & Electric

Ranking: 144 Industry: Renewable Energy Mission: A solar energy EPC that presents cost-effective renewable energy solutions for the residential, commercial, municipal, governmental, and utility sectors. They aim to expand the […]

Rockridge Venture Law

Ranking: 139 Industry: Law Practice Mission: Building Today’s Companies for Tomorrow’s Economies. They uniquely address two modern profit drivers: innovation (uptake and development), and corporate social responsibility, considering profits alongside […]

Blue Star Recyclers

Ranking: 120 Industry: Recycling Mission: A recycling center across three facilities that provides ethical electronics recycling as a way to create local jobs for people with developmental disabilities. The jobs […]

4G Capital

Ranking: 46 Industry: Financial Services Mission: An African neobank that seeks to address the Finance Gap across the continent. They support micro-enterprises in Africa and provide financial literacy training with […]


Ranking: 13 Industry: Consumer Goods Mission: A global group comprising 12 brands, distinguished by products and technologies that endorse sustainability. They focus on efficient use of resources and circular economy […]

Metis Consulting Group

Ranking: 122 Industry: Information Technology & Services Mission: Offers a service triad of Management Consulting, Enterprise Application Development, and Technical Operations. They use the Metis Methodology to build thoughtful technology […]

Mission Partners

Ranking: 129 Industry: Communications Mission: A strategic communications firm that guides purpose-driven organizations in realizing their greatest social impact. They help ensure growth, stability, and differentiation in often crowded markets, […]