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The Economics of Sustainable and Impact Investing

It’s an obvious point too many impact investing skeptics still miss. Far from simply catering to progressive individuals looking to “invest their values,” environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors provide critical insight into a company’s viability and long-term economic performance. It’s not ancillary analysis, it’s critical fundamentals. If you like this, subscribe here for more stories […]

Every Investment Has Impact. What’s Yours?

For Liesel Pritzker Simmons, there’s no shortcut to raising the bar on impact investment performance.  As Principal of Blue Haven Initiative, a family office she co-founded in 2012 with her husband Ian Simmons, this millennial is showing how investors of all ages can maximize the positive social and environmental impact of their investments while generating […]

Why (And How) Should Successful Investors Make an ‘Impact’

Forget esoteric concepts of “doing good.” If you want to know specifically how impact investing positively affects people, communities, the environment and (of course) returns, look to EcoEnterprises Fund. The fund is one of the first venture funds dedicated to the impact space and can point directly to the number of jobs their investments have […]

How to Unleash Capital Market Power for Positive Impact

Here’s a bit of a thought experiment. Austria has an organ donation rate of 90 percent, meaning 90 percent of its citizens donate their organs at time of death, while Germany sees less than 15 percent. Why such a large disparity among neighboring countries? A 2012 study from Stanford University has the answer—the former makes organ […]

Impact Investing for the 99%: A New Path to Mainstreaming

All investments have impact. But to-date, impact investing has been largely limited to small, private companies, and accessible only to accredited investors. What if it were possible for normal folks to easily allocate their retirement portfolios in such a way that maximized the impact of their investments on issues they care about – e.g. climate change, […]

Leveraging Technology for Social and Environmental Impact with Geunbae

Geunbae Lee is an Impact Design Fellow activating around human-computer interaction. He, along with his team members Jayanth Mohana Krishna, Jessica Tsui, and Nishant Panchal are working on a project focused on home automation. They are creating a web platform for people to manage their connected devices through the Internet of Things. This project will reduce energy by helping people tailor their energy […]