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Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time

Global deforestation may be a growing concern, but reforestation efforts are tackling the root of the problem.  “People don’t realize how important trees are,” says Matt Hill, Founder and CEO of One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based non-profit that supports reforestation campaigns across the globe. Trees are a major food source, and make up the key […]

Creating Value for Society and The Environment

For many years, people lived by the motto: “The bigger the better.” For many people, shopping for the latest trends equals having a good life. Increasingly, the meaning of “the good life” is changing. Consumers want to know the impact of the goods they purchase on our planet and ourselves. Our conscious actions as consumers […]

Leveraging Technology for Social and Environmental Impact with Geunbae

Geunbae Lee is an Impact Design Fellow activating around human-computer interaction. He, along with his team members Jayanth Mohana Krishna, Jessica Tsui, and Nishant Panchal are working on a project focused on home automation. They are creating a web platform for people to manage their connected devices through the Internet of Things. This project will reduce energy by helping people tailor their energy […]