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10 Websites You Can Visit to Learn Something New Every Day

The internet is chock full of distractive memes and social media black holes that suck us in and, before we know it, kill the little time we have in each day. But it’s also full of learning content — content that proves to be quite productive to read. We spend a lot of our time with our noses in […]

Ignoring Educational Foundations Can Impede Future Business Growth

Business leaders all around the world agree that one of the major challenges to growth and competitiveness is the lack of enough people with the correct skills and competencies. On the supply side, education service providers (and governments) often don’t appreciate they are part of a market system in which young people, labour force participants […]

3 Ways to Communicate Better

The world today is a very different place than it was 20 years ago. Technology has made an abundance of information, voices, and services available to us at any time we choose to seek it out. In fact, many of us use technology in such a way that we do not have to seek information […]

Matt Damon: Not Everything Can Be Measured

Damon’s mother once told his school teacher, “It’s stupid, it won’t tell him anything and it’ll just make him nervous.” How do you empower teachers to unlock the true potential of students? Watch Matt Damon explain how standardized tests might not be the best way to achieve success.

Who Has The Guts To Change The World?

I saw this coming clearly. Five years ago I attempted to raise venture capital to start a free University. The opportunity was huge. You know a market is ripe for disruption when the price of something becomes outrageous in relationships to its value. Welcome to the cost of college. It’s not a secret that college […]

The Business of Education in Morocco

Education is a real issue in Morocco. Around 40 percent of the population is illiterate – not a great scenario for parents wanting to help with their kids education. Each year, the birth rate adds 640,000 more kids to the system while 380,000 leave school before completing high school. These kids are very often exposed […]