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Please Don’t Give Your Money to Your Children

Dad was swindled out of his sizable net worth before he passed. It was truly heartbreaking for him but a blessing to me. Study after study shows that inheriting a sizable fortune has a terrible effect on the vast majority of the unearned rich.  It seems that what makes us strong is self-reliance. What makes […]

What’s the Difference between Success and Happiness?

I’m giving a speech today to a large group of executives entitled “What To Do When You Don’t Know What’s Going On.” The company these executives work for has just been acquired so everything is going to change. And change is tough. Very tough. Uncertainty is a major brain strain. There are four bad things we typically […]

Don’t Work For A Jerk

Work should be a source of joy. Okay, if that’s too strong, it should at least be a source of well-being. Gallup’s research confirms that work is the second most important factor in promoting our life satisfaction. (The first is the quality of our relationships.) We spend half our waking hours working. It is a […]

Ready to Create Your Future AND Save the World?

Are you sick of it? Sick of hearing the doomsday scenarios we are machine-gunned daily with by the media. Well, maybe I can do something about that. Over the weekend I was approached by a TV producer about hosting a show about how ordinary people are inventing extraordinary ways to make our future better. If […]

Burst Your Bubble and FREE Yourself

As 2013 came to an end, I started thinking a lot about 2014. And, I reflected on it with gratitude. I had some truly amazing opportunities. I work with some great clients who are open to my ideas and my coaching. The leaders I work with are the most appreciative that I have ever worked […]

Why ‘WHY’ Is So Critical for Performance and Innovation

The second principle of 5-Star Leadership is answering the question, “Why?” Remember the first principle is setting a clear direction by answering the question “What?” What am I trying to accomplish… what’s the goal here? Most seasoned leaders have no problem telling people what to do. They are goal-setting machine guns. However setting goals without establishing […]

Your Greatest Risk Is Business As Usual

Psychologists say that pessimism takes root in times of stress. And we are swimming in a river of stress. I know because as companies are awakening to the need to grow instead of just survive, they are asking me to help change their mind-set. You see we’ve become a culture of pessimism, and pessimists don’t […]

The Instant Leadership Process – What’s Really Holding You Back

In a previous post, I wrote that there is little to no evidence that our attempts at leadership development over the last 50 years have resulted in better leadership. That’s right, although there has been literally thousands of books written on great leadership, armies of leadership consultants, and millions of dollars spent on leadership development, […]

The Solution to Leadership Failure

An earlier post produced a huge and thoughtful response from many senior leaders around the world. Responses confirm that leaders are having a difficult time getting the right things done on a timely basis in this time of ferocious competition. Several responses also brought up new challenges that I will deal with in future blogs. One […]

Are You Your Biggest Problem?

I am. I am a big fat problem for myself. So are you. We all are. That’s the way life is. It’s natural to think you are normal…but you’re not and neither am I. We are all quirky as hell. Of course we have a self-protective inner story to tell us that we’re not…but we […]

How to Have a Career That Matters

Are you whispering or are you singing at the top of your lungs? When I was doing research for Save the World and Still be Home for Diner, I interviewed scores of people who wanted to matter. Not in the look-at-me way. Not in the I-want-to-be-famous-on-YouTube way. They just wanted to bloom where they were […]

How You Think – 5 Ways We May or May Not Be Wired for Achievement

We have learned more about how our brains work during the last five years than the last 5,000. For instance, we know the old “right-brain, left-brain” model is a gross over simplification of how our brains really processes information and decides to act. The brain functions like a network drawing on vital information that is […]

Ask More of Yourself

I’ve been invited to attend a meeting of area executives to discuss corporate social responsibility in the San Diego (California) region. We will be discussing good things like how to increase volunteerism and sustainability among the large and small businesses fortunate enough to be located here. This is good stuff… but not great stuff. For […]

Becoming Great is Simple, Just Not Easy

(Note to readers: the response to my recent blog, Three Reasons Why We Need Women Leaders Now has been nothing less than astonishing. What’s clear to me is that there is a deep thirst for practical leadership advice for women who want to excel as leaders, as well as a business need to elevate more […]

How Clear is Your Vision?

The essential responsibility of a leaders is to form, hold and promote a clear version. Having a vision of a better future is both noble and powerful. Virtually all that we have and enjoy that is worthwhile is the result of someone’s vision. Great vision, world changing vision, focuses on one thing…creating new value. By […]

Vain Ambition

The reason that nothing gets done in Washington D.C. is vain ambition. It’s a lesson for all of us in the downside of vanity. Have you read “This Town?” It’s written by the chief national corresponded for the New York Times Magazine. He rather proudly says that he is a part of the political -media- […]

Who Has The Guts To Change The World?

I saw this coming clearly. Five years ago I attempted to raise venture capital to start a free University. The opportunity was huge. You know a market is ripe for disruption when the price of something becomes outrageous in relationships to its value. Welcome to the cost of college. It’s not a secret that college […]

When More is Less, or Don’t Leave a Horse Alone

I grew up on a ranch. Dad always taught me to never leave a horse alone in the hay barn. The reason, he explained, was that horses would eat themselves to death. That’s right, if horses can get access to a lot of easy to eat feed they will quit eating only when their bloated […]

What’s Your Promise?

When I was in eight grade, I read 25 biographies of great leaders. They ranged from Alexander the Great to Benjamin Franklin. One thing I noticed even at that age is that they all had one thing in common. They accomplished something significant, in some cases, world changing, because they had the will to do […]

Take the Personal Leadership Quiz

Whether you run a company, a consulting practice or just your own life, you are a leader. We all are. The work of leadership consists of three things. First, you must have a clear direction… a vision of what you want to accomplish. Second, you must be able to engage and motivate others. There are […]

Are You A Dandelion or An Orchid?

About 80% of us are resilient to stress. We can find ways to survive, cope, and even thrive no matter what life throws at us. Science writer David Dobbs calls us “dandelions.” We can grow in a crack in the cement. We are considered normal. We make sure the lights go on, planes don’t crash, and […]

Have You Met Yourself?

Do you know what you are especially good at? Do you know why people especially value your work or your personality? Do you know that whatever secret faults you have they are not secrets to anyone else? It’s no surprise that findings of a recent study by the Hay group on differences between male and […]

The Growth Agenda Of The Future is: Good, Grow, Gain

The popular and currently accepted MBA-approach view of business is as a stockholder wealth-creating machine. MBA PowerPoints reveal a business logic mindset of Gain, Grow, Good. This business logic directs leaders to first think of a way to make money (Gain), then use a more-with-less business model to grow profitable revenue (Grow), and if there’s […]