Versace And Furla Join Designer Labels Ditching Fur

Italian fashion house Versace and handbag and accessories maker Furla said they would stop using real fur in their creations, joining a growing list of luxury labels turning their backs on the fur industry. Fashion houses around the world are bowing to pressure and using alternatives to real fur amid pressure from animal rights groups […]

Men Spend More on ‘Green’ Fashion Than Women

In a world motivated by social cred and “likes,” it comes as no surprise that U.S. consumers on average spend roughly $250 a month on clothes, shoes and accessories. But what you might not expect is that men outspend women when it comes to their closet. Men spend an average of $310.50 per month on […]

Dressing Vegan: Birkenstock Voted Most Animal-Friendly Shoe

The PETA USA youth organization has honored Germany’s largest shoe manufacturer for its commitment to producing fashion without animal components. Birkenstock has received the peta2 Libby Award “Most Vegan-Friendly Shoe Company 2017,” an award highly regarded throughout the global vegan community. The youth organization honored Germany’s largest shoe manufacturer for its commitment to producing fashion without animal […]

Humans of Fashion Foundation Wants to End Sexual Abuse

A global platform to discuss prevalence and effects of sexual harassment and assault in the fashion industry, and connect those who have experienced it with support. Fashion model Kristina Romanova and singer-songwriter/lawyer, Antoniette Costa, have cofounded a NGO that works to create a global platform that informs and connects those in the fashion industry who have […]

Luxury Collection Offers DNA-infused Fragrance and a Suit Made From Case Files

Equinox, the high-performance lifestyle leader, has unveiled an unprecedented new take on its acclaimed “Commit To Something” campaign with “Commitment, A Collection by Equinox,” featuring seven one-of-a-kind luxury goods inspired by the passion and persistence of some of the most committed people and organizations on earth.  In an on-demand world where everything is a swipe […]

Is it Time to Put Meaning Back Into Our Clothes?

When we were young a lot of what our parents did was about avoiding new purchases. Clothes were mended, shoes got repaired, toys were handed down; every item of daily life was used until it became unusable. Today our stuff is disposable or obsolete before we know it: it’s meaningless. When I was growing up […]

Bottletop: A Luxury Purchase That Gives Back

Bottletop has taken an eye for detail, combined it with community craft and projected it into the realm of luxury. Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul have unearthed skills from different cultures, that use different waste materials and refined them for an audience who wouldn’t normally come across these beautiful pieces.   “We set out to […]