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The Difference Between ‘Minimum Wage’ and ‘Living Wage’

“What is the Difference Between ‘Minimum Wage’ and ‘Living Wage’? I went to Sri Lanka to find out. Five days, four design students, three factory tours and two garment worker visits, resulted in one unforgettable behind the scenes journey to Sri Lanka. As the Vice Chair of my family’s foundation, The Cordes Foundation, I traveled […]

The African Concept of Ubuntu Should be at the Heart of Human Rights

The African proverb “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” can be translated to mean that to be human is to recognize the humanity of others. It’s from this proverb that the notion of Ubuntu is developed — a phrase commonly used in Southern Africa when appealing to people’s better halves when discussing problematic situations.  The spirit of Ubuntu […]

5 Key Business Stakeholders Driving Change

Five years ago last month, the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh was a stark reminder of the need to improve corporate management of human rights. Half a decade on, we can reflect on some positive signs of progress on human rights from the corporate world and its wider stakeholders. 1. The corporate world is getting […]

Humans of Fashion Foundation Wants to End Sexual Abuse

A global platform to discuss prevalence and effects of sexual harassment and assault in the fashion industry, and connect those who have experienced it with support. Fashion model Kristina Romanova and singer-songwriter/lawyer, Antoniette Costa, have cofounded a NGO that works to create a global platform that informs and connects those in the fashion industry who have […]