Fashion Won’t be Sustainable Without Government Oversight

The fashion industry is in turmoil. The ongoing pandemic left a deep mark, with the majority of brands facing significant drops in revenue.  2020 marks the worst year to date, with a reported 90% decline in economic profit across the industry. The pandemic has also […]

How Governments Can Kick-off the Future of Fashion

Embracing digitization can make the fashion industry more sustainable and lucrative. What could help the Fashion industry and its sustainability challenges? Digitalization is a tool to interconnect theSupply Chain. It presents many benefits such as engaging customers via product communication, enhancing traceability, and thus, increasing transparency; procurement with AI helps predict demand and ultimately reduce overproduction, and smart manufacturing helps manage resource consumption. Producing sustainably is one step,producing less is more crucial. Smaller […]

Free Ethical Fashion Resource Guide

Fashion 4 Development & C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub launched The ReClothe Resource Guide during a virtual exhibit in April calledDiscover the SDGs – To Make Peace With Nature — a virtual hub […]

Ending Animal Slaughter One Fashion Bag at a Time

Eco-fashion house Ministry of Tomorrow has announced the launch of its new Vegan Bag collection, with a focus on animal anti-cruelty. Many animals killed for leather experience cruel and gruesome […]