Real Leaders

What Can The Women of Iceland Teach us About Leadership?

“Women of Iceland” is the first book of a trilogy featuring intimate photographs and personal interviews with courageous women stepping first to shape the frontier of a changed world. There is clearly something happening with the women of Iceland. From her Viking history to the famous strike of 1975 and hosting the globe’s first democratically […]

Indigenous Heroes: Ancient Wisdom From Guardians of The Earth

Every two years, the UN Development Program (UNDP) Equator Initiative awards the prestigious and highly competitive Equator Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding community initiatives from across the planet advancing innovative models for tackling poverty, environment, and climate challenges. Solutions are as diverse as the development challenges they face. What unites them is that each shows […]

The Hero’s Journey: Finding True North When The World’s Compass is Broken

Imagine being at a “Jeffersonian Dinner” salon, with 13 people around a cozy table. This elegant salon design ensures everyone has a single conversation, centered for the first half of the dinner around a single question of purpose. This evening’s question is: “Where are you on your Hero’s Journey, and how may we help you […]

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