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How to Build a Business and Still Have a Life

In the 17 years it took me to build Pacific Direct into a multimillion dollar business, I drove myself very hard. From the day I started, at 23, a second sense told me I had to keep myself in peak fitness to succeed. My trainers and my swimming costume were always packed and ready to go. I […]

Why Yoga May be Essential For Career Happiness

Low stress does not make you happy. Happiness comes from saying yes to activities, relationships and experiences that bring you joy.  What would you do if you’ve learned that you were doing something every day that was making you unproductive, unhealthy, unhappy and sabotaging your relationships. More importantly, if you could easily stop this one […]

Healthy Eating is Key to Our Productivity

Healthy eating habits may preserve cognitive function and reduce the risk of dementia. A group of U.S. scientists have found that, among nearly 6,000 older adults in a Health and Retirement Study, those who consistently followed diets long known to contribute to cardiovascular health were also more likely to maintain strong cognitive function in old […]