Young architects from around the world have created some amazing sustainable structures that are helping to solve everyday problems, while also decreasing carbon emissions and utilizing natural materials. Below are six innovative and sustainable architectural solutions that are contributing to a better world.



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Super excited to see my good friend David Saunders @s2_design on Better Better Homes and Gardens tonight featuring his amazing sustainable design. #Repost @johgriggs7 ・・・ Tonight on Better Homes and Gardens… A house that shows that sustainable design can be incorporated into contemporary architecture beautifully. This house in Melbourne is almost completely off the grid, is jam packed with recycled timbers and reclaimed pieces used in the most spectacular fashion. In fact almost all of what was dismantled (rather than demolished) initially… has been re-used throughout the home, along with other treasures the owner/architect David Saunders found along the way in road side clean ups and through other sources. The bold use of color he has brought in was deliberate and inspired by his love of camping. He wanted to bring the greens, the red and the earthy colors inside his house. The result is a home that takes you on an adventure from the moment you walk through the front door. You find yourself gazing at walls, marveling at the different timbers and clever touches he has added all throughout it. It is full of nods to the past but is cutting edge in its sustainability. It has 44,000 litres of water tanks that provide all water for the household apart from drinking water. 80% of its hot water is provided through solar and the remaining 20% is provided by a gas booster. It has natural heating and cooling throughout the house. It's a seriously clever design and I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in his sustainable design ideas, check out more of David's work at S2design #betterhomesandgardens #betterhomes #sustainablearchitecture #s2design #davidsaunders #recyle #reuse #upcycle

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