You Strike The Women, You Strike a Rock

nobel peace

The tragic death of three children, from a skirmish between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and British troops in 1976, pushed two women into action and galvanized a divided community. […]

Fashion, the Mafia, and My Quest for Truth

My vision of journalism wouldn’t be shared by my American colleagues. In fact, when I explained what drives me and what my aims are to my professors while completing a […]

Tutu and King: Two Kinds of Nonviolence

This article written by Charles Krauthammer originally appeared in his syndicated column on January 17, 1986, three days before the first national holiday honoring the birthday of the Rev. Martin […]

Can a Photograph Inspire us Into Action?

It’s important to realize that a memorable photograph doesn’t happen by itself. Firstly, a photographer chooses to press a button at the right moment. Then, an editor decides whether to […]

The Future of Innovation: Learning to Lead with Heart

Design Thinking (DT), (also known as human-centered design) is an innovation process used to evolve products and services in business and social impact sectors. World-renowned companies like Apple, Google, and […]