How to Help Employees and Job-Seekers Thrive Despite a Chaotic Landscape

The way we work is constantly changing. Adapting to the moment. Being reinvented in ways we don’t even recognize in the moment. Having said that, we’ve never seen anything quite like the seismic shifts of the last two years. We’ve witnessed the wild acceleration of trends that were already underway and the emergence of new […]

Lessons Learned on My Journey from Shipping Clerk to CEO

Over the course of twenty-six years, I progressed from an entry-level position at Products Research and Chemical Corporation (PRC) to CEO of the $240 million global company. With no prior experience, no college degree, and no inside connections, I was hired as a shipping clerk at age 19. My goal? To make enough money to […]

Want to Attract and Retain Better Talent? Follow This Framework

Everybody wants to be “the best,” but few can actually define what that looks like in practice. Instead, companies should dig deeper to tell an employer brand story that people can’t wait to be a part of. The world of employer branding is still relatively new, but it’s already inundated with superlatives like “best” and […]

The Trillion Dollar Market Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid

I have moved from the Third World to the First World in my life. I was privileged to be poor before I became rich, to understand what it feels like to live in poverty without needing to read a book. I failed all my subjects at school, but the teachers never tested me on the […]

The Multi-Million Dollar Child Development Company Shaping the Minds of the Next Generation

Entrepreneurs often have a “lightbulb moment,” a sudden realization or insight that drives a business idea into reality. But, for Jessica Rolph, cofounder and CEO of early childhood brand, Lovevery (above, right), her moment of inspiration came as a new mother in what was almost an “anti-lightbulb” moment. “I remember one morning watching my son […]

So, You Have an Idea that Can Change the World — Now What?

The pandemic has changed our definition of “impossible.” For all the difficulties, trials, and tribulations, we’ve been able to mobilize at a global level to confront a global threat. We’ve radically changed how we work and how we live, almost overnight.   As we focus on restoring our systems, our spirits, and our planet after a […]