Our Belongingness Crisis: How We Organize Ourselves at Work

What do you think is the primary driver of people at work? The conventional wisdom is that it’s either their hopes for the trappings of promotion—more money, status, vacation time, maybe a parking spot—or their need for self-efficacy, creativity, and self-actualization. I’ve asked this and other related questions to over six hundred people in a wide range […]

Will a Return to the Office Harm Diversity or Improve it?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon recently claimed that returning to the office will help improve diversity. And if he’s right, that’s an important argument for office-centric work. After all, extensive research shows that improving diversity boosts both decision-making and financial performance.  Yet does office-centric work really improve diversity? Meta Platforms – the owner of Facebook and […]

Your Hiring Brand

Some real-world examples of situations that are negatively affecting your Hiring Brand: Manager turnover. A Midwest company hired a new Director of Human Resources whose LinkedIn profile shows six jobs in ten years.  How would you react to new policies or ideas if you thought the new person would stay only one-two years? Abusive personality. […]

Hiring is the Front door to Your Future Success

Today’s employees want to be validated for what they bring to the company. They want to learn and grow professionally, want more life-work balance, and a manager they can respect.   Importantly, they want to know they are making a difference and contributing to something larger than themselves. Employees are far more open about their needs […]

The Choice to Become a Business That Matters

This story is part of a 4-part series exploring businesses that matter. This is about ambition. Not the kind of ambition that has traditionally shaped businesses (growth at all costs, profit over everything) but a wiser, more profound ambition that reconsiders the very nature of business. Compare the Ford Motor Corporation in 1903 to Zappos in […]

Effective Strategies to Gain Constructive Feedback

Organizations need to incorporate constructive feedback from stakeholders to survive pandemic-related disruptions amid today’s turbulent economy. To meet the expectations of their stakeholders, leaders must ensure that they obtain regular feedback from them, since these people make decisions that determine the success of the organization. Securing constructive feedback is critical in helping you find out […]

If You Can Answer “Yes” to 5 of These Questions, You’re a Good Leader

CEOs are asking, “How can we increase employee retention and engagement?” Maybe that’s the wrong question.What if you asked: “What are our employees grateful for?”How would your employees respond to these statements? I am respected by my boss My manager helps me to learn and grow I have the tools and the necessary training to […]

The Executive’s Guide to Preventing Resistance & Succeeding With Organizational Change

Here are the seven characteristics of a successful executive change leader: 1. Is Self-Aware – In a study of 65 change stories from leaders of 33 organizations, researchers found what differentiated successful leaders from others was their level of self-awareness. Successful leaders considered the impact their practices, communication, and behaviors had on the response of the […]

Want to Attract and Retain Better Talent? Follow This Framework

The world of employer branding is still relatively new, but it’s already inundated with superlatives like “best” and “leading.” Companies use these descriptors in an attempt to grab people’s attention and establish quick connections. The only problem? They rarely hold up. Over the years, I’ve helped numerous organizations untangle fuzzy, ineffective employer brand stories. More […]