Tag: Climate Action

A Grassroots Activist Swims Against the Tide

At first glance, Marina Silva is a politician who served as the Minister of Environment in Brazil. At second glance, you realize that she is also a grassroots activist who has fought to protect local communities and against deforestation in the Amazon. “I had to swim against the tide in many situations- political and personal. […]

Global Climate Action Summit Seeks to Boost Carbon Disclosure

Hundreds more businesses, cities, states and regions are today being urged to step up their climate actions, transparently report carbon emissions and make big progress meeting emissions reduction goals. The challenge is being made the day before World Environment Day June 5. The call was made by co-chairs to the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit […]

Nude Foods: Cape Town’s First Plastic-Free Grocery Store

While walking the streets of Cape Town recently, I discovered South Africa’s very first plastic-free grocery store: Nude Foods. It has an old-school ambience with a simple, modern-twist. Founder Paul Rubin has created an environmentally friendly shopping experience for those who care about their food and how it’s packaged. Launched in December 2017 the store […]

Ignorance is Not Bliss. We Must Take Action

We live in an ignorant world. A world that’s made to believe that it’s ok to live the same way each day: wake up, go to work, earn your salary, feed your children and do just enough to get by. But to me, this is real ignorance. Life often feels unfulfilling if we just do […]

Climate Change Threatens Ability of Insurers to Manage Risk

Extreme weather is driving up uninsured losses and insurers must use investments to fund global warming resilience, says study. The ability of the global insurance industry to manage society’s risks is being threatened by climate change, according to a new report. The report finds that more frequent extreme weather events are driving up uninsured losses […]