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The Real Leaders Impact Collaborative is a peer-to-peer group model designed to provide time-starved, purpose-driven CEOs with a high level of support from a group of 6-8 gender-balanced, diverse, values-aligned peers.

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Who is it for?

Social impact leader – CEOs, Founders, Presidents, By-invitation-only.

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How does it work?

How much does it cost?

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What are the unique benefits?

CEO, Torani

“It’s invigorating to collaborate with stir-it-up thought leaders; this is definitely no “business as usual” peer group. As a company that cares deeply about how to create meaningful opportunities for people and communities, it’s fantastic to build relationships, perspectives and ideas with this team. We push the boundaries in each other’s thinking and will make a stronger difference, together.”


CEO, Traditional Medicinals

“My Real Leader’s group is an essential part of my monthly schedule. I rearrange other meetings as needed so I never miss it. Being a CEO is a unique and often lonely role and being a social business CEO is even more unique. Without Real Leaders I could never have found such a diverse and like-minded group of impact CEOs to share my challenges. My group makes me a better CEO.”


CEO, Social Impact Strategies Group

“Whether you’re a CEO of a company with 500 employees or 5, the Real Leaders Impact Collaborative has been incredibly valuable in developing my executive leadership skills, expanding my thinking, and helping me problem-solve with leaders who’ve experienced similar challenges. The group has been valuable in growing relationships with other executives.”


CEO, SVN International

“My Real Leaders Impact Collaborative group gives me unique access to some of the most creative, bold and influential thinkers on the planet. My experience to date has been very productive — I have been able to develop a roadmap for my company’s sustainable future — while turning on a firehose of profits in the process.”


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