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How HR Will Save You Money and Save the World

Is it possible that the HR department can have more impact on sustainability than the Sustainability department? Every employee at BASF’s Livonia Plant in Livonia, Michigan is a player in the company’s sustainability efforts. During evaluations, plant workers—from middle managers down to factory floor workers—must set sustainability goals for their job and be able to […]

Building Bridges To A Sustainable Future

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, nationally-recognized expert in organizational change, shares an excerpt adapted from her new book Building a Culture for Sustainability. Whether they realize it or not, companies today must choose between two fundamentally different paths: the path of yesterday and unsustainability, and the path of a prosperous and sustainable future for themselves, society, and the planet. […]

Three Transformative Business Sustainability Trends

Sustainability has come a long way in the last 30 years. Fewer and fewer business leaders are asking, “Why should my company take action?” and more and more are asking “How?”—how do they create impactful programs that will take root, deliver return on investment, and drive innovation across the business? To answer that question, I […]

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