Real Leaders Impact Awards

22 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2020 91 XL Fleet Impact / Greening the commercial fleet industry by turning standard work trucks into hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric versions — improving their fuel economy by 25-50 percent while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20-33 percent. Growth / Saving fleets money and helping them meet sustainability goals since 2009, their customers have driven more than 100 million miles using their systems. Many of North America’s top fleets have reduced their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. 92 Facilities Management Services Impact / Repurposing janitorial services to become a core part of physical and financial health for some of the most at-risk populations by partnering with nonprofits, public entities, and customers. Growth / Seen as innovators, resulting in a significant reduction in staff turnover. Caring is a fundamental component of their success, manifested in many positive ways as they negotiate the difficult terrain of cleaning buildings. 93 Elephants Delicatessen Impact / At the end of every day, each of their seven deli locations in Portland, Oregon, donates around 95 percent of their fresh food items to nearby nonprofit partner organizations — reducing waste, conserving energy, and helping to feed those in need. Growth / A focus on improving measurement and tracking helped employees better understand the impact they’re making. Highlighting that 48,000 pounds of food has been donated helps employees and customers embody and champion the company mission. 94 Impact / The world’s largest platform for social change, powered by hundreds of millions of people creating real change in their communities every day. Growth / More than 30,000 laws and corporate policies have changed from their petitions. 100 percent of revenue comes from 280 million users who help drive the change they want to see by paying to promote petitions they care about to 80 million monthly website visitors. 95 Sustainable Restaurant Group Impact / Introducing people to sustainable sushi across the United States. Changing the way people eat and inspiring a shift within the restaurant industry and beyond. Growth / The world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant. Planted 37.1 acres of seagrass to sequester carbon — equivalent to taking 568 cars off the road for a year. A carbon footprint 21 percent lower than an average sushi restaurant and $55,000 raised for local environmental projects. 96 Boston Common Asset Management Impact / Unique investment strategies go beyond conventional investment analysis — a proprietary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) that seeks higher quality, attractively valued businesses that will outperform over the long term. Growth / Over the last three years, their efforts have resulted in 846 engagements, 35 shareholder resolutions filed or co-filed, and 147 measurable improvements or commitments in corporate policies, processes, or products. 97 Carbon Lighthouse Impact / Converts a building’s wasted energy into profit — creating value, earning revenue, and erasing emissions. Making it profitable for building owners to fight climate change by tapping into a building’s wasted energy with proprietary software. Growth / A case study in Palo Alto resulted in a 12 percent reduction in energy use, first-year utility savings of $13,000 and a lifetime utility savings of $244,000. The building achieved 100 percent carbon-neutral status and Energy Star Certification. 98 Galileo Camps Impact / Think that kids who learn to explore and fail with courage — the essence of innovation — are happier, more creative, and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. Have provided learning experiences, and improved the lives of almost 250,000 campers and 10,000+ staff through summer camps. Growth / A Stanford study has detailed how campers internalize the skills they learn — collaboration, persistence, resilience — and apply them to other aspects of their lives. 99 Shared-X Impact / Their impact farming model addresses the agricultural yield gap and generate financial, social, and environmental returns — lifting smallholder farmer incomes and opening up customer relationships and premium prices they would otherwise not enjoy. Growth / Their expertise in soil science and organic/ regenerative farming techniques has strengthened farms, yields, prices, and market access. Strong consumer demand for responsibly produced food and beverage has realized premium prices in the market. 100 5th Element Group Impact / Designed and implemented innovative SDG- aligned “omniwin” initiatives with an unprecedented cross- over community of brands, impact investors, donors and solution-makers — enhanced by a boutique executive recruiting practice. Growth / Facilitated KPI-driven transfers of brand, investor and donor capital to SDG-aligned initiatives that result in best practices case studies, expanded reach, multiplication of resources, and impact measurement. REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS TOP 100 COMPANIES