Business can be a force for good and here’s the proof: 100 companies that are growing by doing good.

The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies, in collaboration with Big Path Capital and B Lab, is the first ranking of positive impact companies. The Awards rank the top companies applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good. These companies are driving a dynamic segment of the economy, bearing a new vision of capitalism that demonstrates that every transaction is an opportunity for both growth and a better world.

Given the plethora of published lists that already exist – the richest people, sexiest celebrities, fastest growing companies, biggest organizations or most popular startups – a group of like-minded visionaries including Real Leaders, realized that what the world really needs is a list of companies that are a force for good in the world. Not a feel-good, cumbayah, granola list either; rather, a list of real companies that have shown actual economic growth by including the greater good in their mission and business strategies. 

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