Business can be a force for good and here’s the proof: 100 companies that are growing by doing good.

The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies, in collaboration with Big Path Capital and B Lab, is the first ranking of positive impact companies. The Awards rank the top companies applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good. These companies are driving a dynamic segment of the economy, bearing a new vision of capitalism that demonstrates that every transaction is an opportunity for both growth and a better world.

Given the plethora of published lists that already exist – the richest people, sexiest celebrities, fastest growing companies, biggest organizations or most popular startups – a group of like-minded visionaries including Real Leaders, realized that what the world really needs is a list of companies that are a force for good in the world. Not a feel-good, cumbayah, granola list either; rather, a list of real companies that have shown actual economic growth by including the greater good in their mission and business strategies. 

Real Leaders 100

1. Rescue Agency

2. Amalgamated Bank

3. Traditional Medicinals

4. World Centric

5. Grove Collaborative

6. OPTEL Group

7. BDC

8. Vital Farms

9. TriLinc Global

10. Koru Distribution

11. Simple Energy

12. BlueWave Solar

13. The Redwoods Group

14. Fully

15. Galileo Camps



16. CleanFund

17. CleanChoice Energy

18. NationSwell

19. Gaia Herbs

20. Encore Renewable Energy

21. Advantage Capital

22. SunCommon

23. Lotus Foods

24. Cascade Engineering

25. Sunrise Banks

26. Advanced Enviro Systems

27. Jitasa

28. EO Products

29. ID4A Technologies

30. Impact Makers



31. Chandos

32. Rhino Foods

33. The GFB: Gluten Free Bar

34. Bridges Fund Management

35. Luke’s Lobster

36. Modern Energy

37. Align Impact

38. Kuli Kuli

39. DUCA Financial Services Credit Union

40. P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)

41. Participate


43. Fit4D

44. Trillium Asset Management

45. VCC



46. Farmland LP

47. Goddess Garden

48. Cornerstone Capital Group

49. SJF Ventures

50. ResolutionCare Network

51. Cloud for Good

52. Leesa Sleep

53. Raffa-Marcum Nonprofit & Social Sector Group

54. Abacus Wealth

55. Energage

56. Vital Plan

57. Persephone Brewing Company

58. Network for Good

59. Good Clean Love

60. The Builder’s Fund



61. Ingage Partners

62. Natural Systems Utilities

63. Sudara

64. Biohabitats

65. Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

66. Chroma Technology Corp.

67. Waste Farmers

68. Noonday Collection

69. Forrest Firm

70. Firespring

71. Facilities Management Services

72. Andean Naturals

73. Taos Ski Valley

74. We First

75. Green Canopy



76. Sunshine Nut Company

77. W.S. Badger Company

78. First Green Bank

79. Soapbox

80. Charter School Business Management

81. Schoolzilla

82. Dewey’s Bakery

83. Gelfand Partners Architects

84. The Caprock Group

85. Greentech Capital Advisors

86. Solberg Manufacturing

87. Amavida Coffee

88. Metropolitan Group

89. Crystal Creek Logistics

90. Grower’s Secret

91. Yin Yang Naturals

92. Aslan Brewing Company

93. Coda Coffee Company

94. Vera Solutions

95. Elephants Delicatessen

96. Cause Strategy Partners

97. Ellevate Network

98. Boston Common Asset Management

99. Nossa Familia Coffee

100. West Paw

The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies is exactly that – a world-first list that proves that business can thrive as a force for good. So, how did we ultimately measure business as a force for good? We came up with a simple formula. If you’ve ever studied science you’ll know that the formula for force is mass multiplied by acceleration. The Real Leaders 100 formula for Business as a Force For Good is therefore: Revenue X Growth Rate X B Impact  Assessment = Force For Good. We hope you’re inspired by the companies featured here and apply in 2019 to be internationally recognized for our next Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies list.