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If You Can Answer “Yes” to 5 of These Questions, You’re a Good Leader

CEOs are asking, “How can we increase employee retention and engagement?”

Maybe that’s the wrong question.
What if you asked: “What are our employees grateful for?”
How would your employees respond to these statements?

  1. I am respected by my boss
  2. My manager helps me to learn and grow
  3. I have the tools and the necessary training to succeed
  4. I am motivated to do my best
  5. I trust my manager and the company’s senior executives
  6. The company deals with employee issues honestly and fairly
  7. I am valued for my ideas, my talents, and my diversity

People stay where they are wanted, respected, and appreciated. If you answer “Yes” to five or more – CONGRATULATIONS – your employees are grateful for more than just their paycheck.

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