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Helping Fix the Recycling Crisis

Mitch Hedlund, founder of the nonprofit organization Recycle Across America (and Recycle Across the World), has joined us to discuss the U.S. and global recycling crisis and the increasing epidemic of waste in oceans. Hedlund explains how implementing society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins is proving to help solve these issues. She is working with leadership in D.C. to pursue legislation for the standardized label solution to make it possible for people to begin to recycle properly wherever they are — mirroring legislation in the 1950s that introduced standardized road signs which make it possible for people to be able to drive properly wherever they are. In this episode of the Real Leaders Podcast, Mitch and Kevin also discuss the international ocean waste crisis, and the work RAA/RAW is doing to expand the standardized label solution internationally, with partners such as the International Waste Platform. To join the standardized label movement, contact:

You can help FIX IT!

Text FIX IT to 40649 or click this link to take action today.  Let’s get the standardized labels on recycling bins everywhere to make it possible for people to begin to recycle right. Let’s finally make it possible for the recycling industry and closed-loop manufacturing to thrive. 

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