What Power Really Means to an Entrepreneur

How does an entrepreneur increase their power? If you believe, as some do, that power is all about title, position, authority, control, and supremacy, you’ll find it a challenge. Entrepreneurs […]

3 Ways Neuroscience Can Help You Build a Powerful Team

The NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) is a leading global research organization and a pioneer of bringing neuroscience to leadership. NLI advocates “using hard science to transform leadership effectiveness.” In my words, they make […]

Do You Know When to Quit?

“Never give up.” “Persistence alone is omnipotent.” “When the going gets tough… ” and so on and so on. Our culture is awash in historical reminders to keep our “nose […]

What Does Sustainable Growth Really Mean?

People are often confused by the term sustainable growth. While most believe it a worthy objective, its definition is less clear. Does it mean “green growth?” Is it part of the […]

31 Ways to Become a Real Leader

The term Commanding Officer (CO) has long been associated with military hierarchy. At the top of the military ladder is the position of Commander in Chief. Commanders at each level […]

How to Build Powerful Organizations

Powerful organizations drive sustainable growth – healthy growth that lasts. But how does an organization become powerful, and what does power really mean? We love to list and rank the […]

How to Identify Real Power. Hint: It’s not Authority

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Power is a noun with four primary definitions: Ability, influence, energy and positional authority. The biggest problem in business today is that too often we ignore the first three definitions due to our preoccupation […]