Winter 2022

WINTER 2022 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 17 CHANGEMAKERS businesses, and political leaders to take action and address this urgent issue. We expect the film to be completed next year. The film exemplifies how I provide financial support, creativity, and professional experience to issues and the institutions supporting this critical work. At a time when pandemic pressures have put an unparalleled financial strain on nonprofit organizations — even more so in places where dwindling resources and fewer tourists have enabled poachers to thrive — my background as a developer and real estate professional has made it possible for me to assist and advise these organizations as they build rehabilitation clinics, wildlife centers, and sanctuaries. In 2020, I partnered with a New York City gallery on The Envelope — an art print depicting five endangered species sending a message to the world. The profits from the sale of each print are directed to an organization supporting at least one of the animals. Conservation is my North Star, but I apply the same commitment and dedication to pursuing wild ideas as I do to preserving wild places. I never had kids, and I'm not married. The Holzman Wildlife Foundation is my legacy. When I am gone, most of the income and real estate assets from City Club Apartments will be directed to the organization. I take great pride and comfort in knowing it will live well beyond my lifetime. Like many YPO leaders, I believe in eccentricity and exploration. I believe that curiosity and conviction are a powerful pairing. And I think that preserving the irreplaceable and achieving the unthinkable are two sides of the same coin. Focusing your giving on an issue of interest can bring enormous joy and fulfillment, and it serves as a healthy balance to a driven business career. As business leaders and global citizens, we are responsible for ensuring a healthy, sustainable future for our planet and everything on it. We should strive to be not just creators but also conservationists. We should work to infuse ideas and institutions with inspiration and innovation. And we should dedicate ourselves with passion and purpose to building new things and protecting what we can’t afford to lose. I believe that is the surest sign of a life well lived. n Far left: Realist wildlife artist Thomas Broadbent took inspiration for The Envelope from a folk tale titled The Town Musicians of Bremen, published by the Brothers Grimm in 1819. Broadbent’s work depicts a black rhino, Grauer’s gorilla, Malayan sun bear, red panda, and lemur all stacked on top of each other. The lemur carries a bright yellow envelope in its mouth. “I wanted the message to be mysterious,” says Broadbent, “but we all know what it says. These magnificent animals are showing their strength and fortitude while taking action in the face of potential extinction. They are asking for our help.” Left: Jonathan Holtzman observes a meerkat in its natural habitat. “I SEEK OUT STRONG LEADERS REPRESENTING SMALLER ORGANIZATIONS WHERE MY DOLLARS AND TIME CAN HAVE THE GREATEST IMPACT.” — JONATHAN HOLTZMAN