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The Little Company With A Big Goal

Carbon Lighthouse is a rare breed of young company – an environmental organization executing nuts and bolts building retrofits, while seeking startup-like growth. Startups seek exponential growth and wide market reach, while most  service companies doing physical work (e.g. contractors, restaurants, consultants) have a local focus and scale more or less linearly with the number […]

Linking Innovation with Compassion

In the recipe for creating and sustaining a highly innovative culture, could compassion be the most important ingredient? It’s well known that as organizations continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and retain highly innovative people. Most large organizations become increasingly bureaucratic as they grow, and nothing will drive away highly innovative people […]

Mobile’s sleeping giant

With no costly infrastructure to overhaul, Africa has leapt ahead in mobile communications and m-banking. Third World mobile banking systems are piquing the attention of international operators and international banking organizations. The result – if all goes well – could be a fresh influx of investment and technological know-how poured into an arena where Third World countries are the innovators. Hopefully, the interest being shown by […]