7 Leadership Tips from Top Female Founders and CEOs

In the wake of research from Harvard Business Review, which discovered that women make better leaders in times of crisis, Real Leaders has highlighted some leadership lessons from female founders and CEOs who are at the top of their game. 1. Mary Barra / CEO, General Motors Quote: “It’s okay to admit what you don’t […]

3 Oversized Problems Looking for Creative Solutions

Oversized Visitors  A cruise ship leaves Venice, Italy (above). The cruise ship, which arrived in Venice for the first time in 17 months, signaled the return of tourists after the coronavirus pandemic but enraged those who decry the impact of the giant floating hotels on this world heritage site. Natural and heritage sites around the […]

6 Gifts for Good That Create a Brighter World

Packed with Purpose Greyston Bakery’s (pictured above) mission is to create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of open hiring. The company doesn’t hire people to bake brownies; they bake brownies to hire people who face barriers to employment. “When people have the opportunity to participate fully in our economy, we all benefit,” says […]

4 Destinations That Will Transform Your Fear into Love

In psychology, there’s a term called “transfer of exaltation.” Roughly explained, it’s about a person’s ability to transform an experience of fear into an experience of love. It’s ingrained in all of us to avoid feeling afraid; our brains sometimes change this emotion of fear into something more pleasant. Afterward, you can feel much more […]

Imagine Simplifying Your Product for Greater Impact

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was known for many things, but developing a school desk is not one that instantly comes to mind. Yet the “Arch” championed a campaign for many years that provides a simple writing surface for school children across Africa who have no desks. Known as the Tutudesk, it’s proof that simplicity can sometimes […]

3 Luxury Sustainable Destinations We’d Love to Visit

It can be easy to get caught up trying to cram as much as possible into a trip. After all, this may be the only time you visit the destination. Though a packed itinerary may seem ideal on paper, you’ll likely spend most of your vacation rushing from one place to another. So while you […]

The Make or Break Qualities of a Real Leader

Universal truths are arduous – if not impossible – to identify and articulate when it comes to leadership philosophy and effectiveness. Those seeking the secrets to success are typically well read on the topic (with an impressive bookshelf dedicated to the discussion) and passionate about their perceived thematic threads between Winston Churchill and Warren Buffett. […]

Your Purpose Will Enable Your Profit

Robert Sheen is CEO and founder of Trusaic. What does being an impact leader mean to you?  Driving a positive impact in the world and leading with purpose. Being a leader of impact goes beyond taking care of those within your own company, it expands to caring for society at large and ensuring you uphold […]

I Have the Best Job in the World as an Impact Leader

Desirée Bombenon is the CEO of SureCall. What does being an impact leader mean to you?  Being an impact leader means making a transformational difference in the areas of social, environmental, and governance, that you are passionate about changing for the better. Impact can be done and felt in many ways. Leading impact means that […]

The Future of Roof Rejuvenation: Soy Bio-oil

Mike and Todd Feazel spent 25 years growing one of the largest and most successful roofing companies in the United States. As time passed, it became apparent that shingles were changing. The amount of shingles per bundle increased, which meant individual shingles were lighter and less durable. The brothers witnessed roofs failing at astounding rates. […]