Emma Watson

68 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2018 22 | « UNITED STATES JOSEPH THOMPSON CEO, UN SDG PIONEER FOR  BLOCKCHAIN TECH 2017 Vision: To equip the unbanked and undocumented with a digital Identity using blockchain technology. Seeing the world’s biggest problems as opportunities. Action: Implemented the world’s first delivery of international aid to Syrian refugees using blockchain technology – ensuring every cent of aid was accounted for and eliminating fraud. A billion-dollar business that positively impacts hundreds of millions of people. WWW.AID.TECHNOLOGY “Taking extreme ownership means nobody will blame anybody else in the company. It creates leaders.” 26 | « PERU SERGIO FERNANDEZ DE CORDOVA CHAIRMAN, PVBLIC FOUNDATION Vision: To encourage more innovative public-private partnerships and bring private sector intelligence into the public sector for social, environmental and economic impact.  Action: Dedicated to structuring public- private partnership platforms; from how we use media and technology as a currency for social impact to building the smart cities of tomorrow, today. PVBLIC.ORG/ SDGMEDIAZONE.ORG P3SMARTCITY.COM “If you can dream it, you can do it” - Walt Disney 25 | « JORDAN NOUR ABU-RAGHEB ACTING CEO, THE CROWN PRINCE FOUNDATION Vision: Children and youth attaining their aspirations through meaningful opportunities to learn, engage and create. Action: Supports organizations focused on education reform and youth empowerment by strengthening their core functions. Provides young people with the relevant experiential learning opportunities based on real, local needs and global best practices. WWW.EDVISE-ME.COM | WWW.CPF.JO/EN “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela 23 | « UNITED STATES AMBER NYSTROM COFOUNDER, FIFTH ELEMENT FUND, COPRODUCER, "WOMEN OF ICELAND IN THEIR POWER" Vision: A future where the collective genius of humanity and a new economy ensure all beings flourish in resilient and dignified balance. Action: Took responsibility for the change she sought. Pioneered global social venture incubation and the first super-clusters. Mobilized billions of dollars into impact. Cofounded Fifth Element DAF to evolve impact investing, crypto/BlockChain4impact and promoted a new narrative of courageous vulnerability. RALPHREUTIMANN.COM | FIFTHELEMENT.FUND “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”  – Chinese Proverb 27 | « COLOMBIA OSCAR & ISABEL COFOUNDERS, CONCEPTOS PLASTICOS Vision: Transform lives and change the world together. We still have time to build a sustainable and equitable world. Action: Diverting products going to landfills and transforming them into solutions that change lives – reduce poverty, generate value, economic growth, infrastructure, resilience and awareness. Creating ideas for discarded plastic by transforming it into materials for alternative construction for vulnerable communities – homes and more dignified, sustainable and healthy classrooms. WWW.CONCEPTOSPLASTICOS.COM “With your dreams... Do not fall asleep.” - anonymous 28 | « UNITED STATES MATTHEWGRIFFIN CEO, COMBAT FLIP FLOPS Vision: A world focused on exploring the limitlessness of human potential. Action: With a handful of friends and family, Combat Flip Flops created a community of people, The Unarmed Forces, that work to end suffering and warfare through education, employment and empowerment. Discarded soles from military boots are made into flip-flops, with proceeds going to educational projects. WWW.COMBATFLIPFLOPS.COM “Negativity does not work. Instead of attracting a desirable condition, it prevents it from happening.  To continue with negativity is insane.”  – Neale Donald Walsch 29 | « UNITED STATES TERESA JENNINGS HEAD, RULE OF LAW DEVELOPMENT, LEXISNEXIS Vision: A world where everyone has fair and transparent laws supported by legal and judicial systems trusted to provide just and timely outcomes. Action: Jennings’ work helps to advance the rule of law globally: Drafting model laws, educating and training lawyers and judges, and providing tools to enhance trust in and transparency of laws and justice. Through a UN global alliance, she assists UN Member States to measure progress on Sustainable Development Goals related to law. WWW.LEXISNEXIS.COM “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Chinese proverb 30 | « UNITED STATES MATTHEWKINCAID FOUNDER, OVERCOMING RACISM Vision: A future where institutions operate equitably for all people, a future in which educational inequity is a distant memory of a foregone era. Action: Served as a teacher and administrator in an inner-city public school prior to founding Overcoming Racism. The organization addresses the root of inequity in the U.S. education system and provides schools with tools to combat racism. Develops institutions that are actively anti-racist and culturally responsive so all children can access an equitable education.  WWW.OVERCOMINGRACISM.COM “The function of freedom, is to free somebody else.” - Toni Morrison UNITED STATES JESSICA ALBA COFOUNDER, THE HONEST COMPANY Vision: Safe and attractive baby products that don’t contain toxic chemicals. Action: Manufactures products that could challenge mass consumer goods at a similar price point and moving away from the perception that health and eco products should attract a premium. Challenging the attitudes of parents who assume that everything on a store shelf is safe. WWW.THEHONESTCOMPANY.COM “Success takes communication, collaboration and, sometimes, failure.” 24 | « UNITED STATES RICK PEREZ PRESIDENT, AVANGARD INNOVATIVE Vision: Revolutionize the waste and recycling industry and monetize it with new technology. Action: Developed Sustayn, a smart technology that has had a major impact on the reduction of waste. The PetStar project and Natura PCR plant move plastics and film directly back into packaging – contributing to the circular economy by recovering and regenerating materials WWW.AVAICG.COM “Monitor, measure and manage without data, you’re just a man with an opinion. What gets measured gets attention.”