Emma Watson

SPRING 2018 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 65 The Real Leaders 2018 list of visionary leaders was chosen with a simple question inmind: Do they Inspire The Future? Are they creating a better world? The Real Leaders 100 list is numbered for reference only and does not indicate a ranking. We want to share a wide variety of entrepreneurial visionaries who demonstrate that anyone can be a real leader. We hope you’re as inspired as we are by the stories from all kinds of leaders – recovering addicts,kids,CEOs,citizens and celebrities. The people on the following pages have all achieved remarkable things from a simple idea,and in so doing,have positively changed the lives of millions. We discovered a common characteristic too: Real leaders are not restricted to excellence in business alone,but have a burning desire to create opportunities for others on a global scale. Their insight intomajor problems that affect our planet and their simple yet powerful solutions have contributed to a world that increasingly realizes that we needmore people like them if our species is to thrive – as we add several billionmore humans to our planet in need of resources. VISIONARY LEADERS