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Live interviews with today’s top impact leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities hosted on our Facebook. 

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“I saw my website hits go up by about 25% the day after it was recorded…”

Elizabeth Gearhart

IP Attorney & Podcast Host , Passage to Profit

“I think highlighting real leaders is an important step for the next generation to understand. Every leader is a little different and people need to be themselves, so I think Kevin does a great service here.”

David Bohigian

Acting President & CEO, OPIC

“Real Leaders is very interested in bringing relief to the Opioid Epidemic and has a curiosity of what actions leaders are taking to this end.”

Jim Iversen

Co-founder & CEO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticals

“Kevin was easy to talk with, asked good questions and didn’t just follow some predetermined script.”

Karen Walker

Founder, One-team Consulting

“Kevin Edwards works for “Real Leaders” and has the pleasure of interviewing people with various professional successes to learn what motivates them beyond their chosen careers. I saved this quote he got as I believed it has a divine intervention side to it…

‘Know that you are enough… get out of your own way’— Simon Mainwaring.”

Kevin Myers

CMO, Donatos Pizza