Real Leaders ShortCuts

Real Leaders ShortCuts brings success stories to life to inspire purposeful careers. Our video database contains over 300 interviews with inspiring social entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and academia. 

Partnering with the University of Florida’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centers, Real Leaders ShortCuts handpicked the best interviews to provide students with short, fun and direct advice that corresponds with their curriculum.

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1. Starting Out of School vs. Waiting

Conversations with Red Academy, PwC, college and high school entrepreneurs

2. Building Culture In A Startup

Conversations with We First, Keyser Commercial Real Estate, ID4A Technologies

3. Failure

Conversations with Jay Shetty, Jed York, Keyser Commercial Real Estate, and Kuli Kuli

4. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Empowering Women & Marginalized Entrepreneurs

Conversations with Google, WebMD, SVN Intn’l, and Authors on gender diversity

5. Ethics & Responsible Business

Conversations with Patagonia, Keyser Commercial Real Estate, CapRock, Cause Strategy Partners, and Inplace Impact

6. Creating A Market Presence

Conversations with Thrive Natural Care, No Evil Foods, Rescue Agency, We First, and Barnana

7. Getting Investors To Invest In Your Startup

Conversations with Advantage Capital, Align Impact, Beyond Capital, Cornerstone Capital

9. The Business Case for Sustainability

Conversations with Jed York, CapRock, Arnerich-Massena, Florida For Good, PwC, and Waste Farmers

10. Pivoting & Adapting

Conversations with Dr. Lisa Kay Solomon, Top Golf, and Postmates

11. Leadership, Communication, and Storytelling Skills

Conversations with We First, Jed York, Rescue Agency, Arizona Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Top Golf

13. Practicing Mindfulness & Seeking Work-Life-Balance

Conversations with Keyser Commercial Real Estate, Hydroflask, Vigorous Materials, and One Better Ventures