Real Leaders Impact Awards 2023

12 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2023 REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2023 MANUFACTURING/INDUSTRIAL 1. Natura 2. BHP 3. Danone 4. Tetra pak 5. Arçelik 6. Beko 7. Xylem 8. Interface 9. Weleda 10. World Centric 11. Sellars Absorbent Materials 12. StoneAge Tools 13. Solberg MFG 14. Tobasa Bioindustrial de Babaçu 15. EcoLogic Solutions 16. o3 smart cities 17. Rivanna Natural Designs 18. Evrnu 19. Boox SOCIAL ENTERPRISE & EDUCATION 1. One Tree Planted 2. Laureate 3. Coursera 4. Classy 5. PRIDE Industries 6. Graduation Alliance 7. AbleLight 8. The BOMA Project 9. 10. Genius Group 11. Participate Learning 12. Miles4Migrants 13. Acumen 14. Omaze 15. Media Cause 16. European Leadership University 17. SureCall 18. Tatonka Education Services 19. IVY 20. FutureThink 21. DialogueDirect 22. CanopyLAB 23. EnGen 24. New Leaders Council 25. Generation HOPE, Inc. / Friends of HOPE 26. Beusail 27. Parkes Philanthropy 28. TUEX InternationalEducation 17. SURECALL SureCall is a purpose-driven business process optimization company. In 2016, SureCall established the GoodCall program, which was integrated into the financial model of the business to take 2% of the top-line revenue for community projects. Its Hero Girls project is designed to educate and empower females in underserved and developing communities and has been running for five years in villages outside of Dang, Nepal, providing scholarships to girls and microloans to women’s groups. "Being an impact leader means taking the words in your vision and mission statements, and making them actionable, accountable, and meaningful, while bringing your team along with you," says CEO Desirée Bombenon. "I have faced many barriers, and being a female POC has created additional challenges. I overcame these by continuing to bump relentlessly against traditional norms and then proving that stakeholder capitalism doesn’t mean giving up profits for purpose. Collaborative leadership means every perspective has insight, that no one viewpoint is the only path forward. It’s understanding that all the people in the room have the right intentions. It’s moving forward with an idea even if it’s not yours, it’s challenging tradition and expecting the entire team to contribute; it's avoiding group think. Collaborative leadership is inclusive — not just the top executive — but all stakeholders, creating cross-functional integrated thought leadership. “Becoming a social impact leader has changed my life; moving from doing things right to doing the right thing has brought a quiet revelation that has allowed me to become not just a better leader, but a better person. Moral leadership creates a journey that inspires people to come along.” — Desirée Bombenon, CEO, SureCall