Winners 2022

REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2022 8 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2022 1. DANONE A world leader in essential dairy and plant-based products, early life nutrition, medical nutrition and waters. Became the first listed company to adopt France’s new Enterprise à Mission (purpose-driven company) status, with a purpose to bring health through food to as many people as possible.​ 5. OATLY Makes it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Its patented enzyme technology copies nature’s own process and turns fiber rich oats into nutritional liquid food that is perfectly designed for humans. 2. BEYOND MEAT A pioneer in the plantbased protein movement, offering products made from ingredients without GMOs, bioengineered ingredients, hormones, antibiotics, or cholesterol. Designed to have the same taste and texture as animal-based meat, but better for people and the planet. 6. MIYOKOS Building a new gold standard for the future of food that emphasizes artistry, integrity, ethics, and conviviality. The company credo drives everything they do — from the creation of their plant-based dairy products to inspiring others to try this lifestyle. 3. GOOD CULTURE A “real healing foods” company that produces high-quality cultured dairy products, made via a regenerative and pastureraised milk supply. It partners with 1% For the Planet to offer regenerative agriculture training and resources to farmers in need. 7. AMY’S KITCHEN A family-owned prepared food company whose purpose is to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well. The company is committed to cooking authentic great-tasting food with highquality, meticulously sourced organic ingredients that consumers can enjoy in minutes. 4. BEN & JERRY’S One of the first companies in the world to place a social mission in equal importance to its product and economic mission. Produces a wide variety of super-premium ice creams, yogurts and sorbets using high-quality ingredients. Has a vision of “linked prosperity” and a focus on values-led sourcing. 8. CLOVER SONOMA Using their best knowledge to produce quality dairy in ways that honor its collective values of care for family farms, animals, the environment, and the communities it serves. Food&Beverage 9. TORANI Has been producing its popular sauces and syrups since 1925, putting Italian soda on the map and making the world’s first flavored latte. A certified B-Corp that believes businesses should create more opportunity and is dedicated to helping all of the people, partners, and communities it touches. 13 KING ARTHUR BAKING COMPANY Vermont-based, employee owned company on a mission to be the ultimate resource and inspiration in the kitchen, to inspire connections and community through baking, and to use its business as a force for good. 17. PATHWATER The first company to offer purified drinking water in an affordable, sturdy, and refillable aluminum bottle, instead of single-use plastic — a leader in the movement of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottled water. 10. PUKKA HERBS Creates organic herbal teas and health supplements for a healthier and happier life. A mission to create a world where plants play a central role in human health and wellbeing. It is carbon neutral, Fair for Life certified, and donates 1% of its revenue to environmental and social causes. 14. COOKS VENTURE A group of farmers, cooks, and food professionals who couldn’t find what they wanted in the food system, so they built something new from the ground up: animal-by-animal, plant-by-plant, meal-bymeal. A regenerative supply chain for the future. 18. RIGHTEOUS GELATO Certified B Corp and artisan gelato maker from Calgary, Alberta, on a mission to “enrich people’s lives, one tiny spoonful at a time.” 11. TERRITORY FOODS Delivers ready-to-eat meals prepared by local chefs using responsibly sourced ingredients. Meals are good for people and the earth. From ingredients, processes, and packaging, it always considers the impact of their choices on the sustainability of the planet. 15. OCEAN BRANDS An impact brand that is more than just canned seafood. Passionate about sustainable sourcing, celebrating diversity, commitment to community, and strong relationships with its suppliers. Actively working to minimize the amount of single-use plastic in its products. 19. THRIVE FARMERS Empowering farmers to thrive by taking them to market as partners. It includes everyone — from the consumer to the farmer to their partners. Believes that feeling good is what it means to truly thrive. 12. FRESH CRAVINGS Passionate about bringing the best new food and beverage products to life. It searches the world — and their backyards — to uncover foods and flavors from culinary pioneers and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to inspire new ideas. 16. PLUM ORGANICS A leading organic baby, toddler and kids food brand that is on a mission to nourish little ones with the very best food from their very first bite. 20. CHICKAPEA An organic and gluten-free pasta manufacturer making it easier for people to lead healthier lives and support sustainable farming practices. Its plantbased, regenerative products reduce emissions and conserve biodiversity. Donations help make healthy food more accessible across the U.S. “As you strive for personal effectiveness and leadership excellence, there are local and global questions that you will inevitably have to face. These range from poverty, corruption, terrorism, food security, scarcity of resources and overpopulation among others. Your power and influence for significance in leadership excellence will increase in direct proportion to your ability to find effective and sustainable practical solutions to some of these real-life challenges.” — Archibald Marwizi, life coach and speaker