Winners 2022

16 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2022 REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2022 5. SOLID BLEND TECHNOLOGIES A water management company in the state of Ohio. It monitors and condition water used throughout a facility to ensure that it’s clean, safe and sustainable. It brings water back into compliance quickly to protect patients, staff, visitors, and valuable assets. 1. JONATHAN ROSE COMPANIES On a mission to regenerate the fabric of communities, by creating “communities of opportunity,” in which every resident and employee has equal access to opportunity, environmental quality, health, and wellbeing. 5. SHIFT CAPITAL Creating just and equitable neighborhoods. It looks to increase the long-term self-sufficiency, safety, and quality of life for residents in underserved neighborhoods through holistic, thoughtful real estate development, and blended financing across private, public and nonprofit sectors. 9. CANOPYLAB Optimizes free online education by using gamification, machine learning, and AI to deliver an adaptive and personalized learning experience. It enhances the joy of learning online by creating a social, interactive, and engaging platform. 13. HIGHERRING Its mission is to be a catalyst for a more sustainable world by hiring savvy onshore workers in living wage jobs to power growing businesses. 6. ELLEVATE NETWORK The largest community of women at work. A powerful coalition of ambitious, supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers. Shows up to help everyone — no matter their background or aspirations — to build a career they love. 2. SVN INTERNATIONAL One of the top 10 global commercial real estate service providers. Founded on the tenets of conscious capitalism, creating shared value, and improving the industry for all stakeholders. Its Shared Value Network™ provides investment in both urban and under-served markets. 6. NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Its mission is to build communities with style and substance; to create projects that excite, benefit their communities, and preserve and grow the capital of investors, and NDC. 10. ECOADVISORS A guide between financial capital and impact. Helps nonprofits, corporations, investors, and governments direct resources – more efficiently, effectively and impactfully – to sustainable solutions that improve performance, create positive environmental impact, and enhance economic value. 14. AGRITECTURE A global urban agriculture advisory firm with experience in greenhouses, vertical farming, and soil-based agriculture. Founded to help entrepreneurs navigate the crucial planning stage for their urban farming business and avoid costly mistakes. 7. IVY An online, social university for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovative professionals who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. Teaches members how to best lead their teams, scale their organizations, navigate global trends, and bolster their personal wellbeing. 3. GREEN CANOPY NODE Builds homes, relationships, and businesses that help regenerate communities and environments. The vertically integrated firm combines smart construction technology solutions with a track record of sustainable design, development, construction, and fund management to lower construction costs, shorten construction timelines, and create highly impactful housing. 7. HAVEN VENTURES A certified B-Corp social enterprise based in Durham, NC that creates housing solutions for under-served communities, and fosters individual welfare and community resilience. It nourishes the built and natural environment as well as the people who create and inhabit them. 11. PEARL CONSULTING Works with organizations to make people’s lives better. A purpose-driven boutique consultancy focused on creating mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit, and government partners through the strategic deployment of social impact initiatives. 15. 29BISON A middle market transaction services provider specializing in human capital. Serves corporate acquirers, middlemarket investors, and investment banks and believes that a focus on people enhances investment outcomes. 8. SPRING ACTIVATOR Changing the world through innovation — it envisions a world in which every business is an impact business, every investor is an impact investor, and where entrepreneurship and investment ecosystems drive regenerative innovation. 4. GREEN STANDARDS Inspired by the circular economy, Green Standards was founded in 2009 to solve the growing problem of office furniture waste. It has developed an industry-leading, managed program of office furniture donation, resale, and recycling, making it simple and cost-effective to clear out workspaces. 8. CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL Voted Best Green Business in 2016, its efforts saved over 3 million gallons of water annually during the recent drought, successfully saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in green upgrades and energy savings, and added significant value to client properties. 12. TRANSCEND A business management consultancy that develops change-resilient organizations and transforms cultures to build a healthy, sustainable planet. Helps business owners, leaders, and executives hone their thinking, conversations, and execution to get the most from existing resources and become better leaders. Professional/Advisory Services Real Estate “Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you.” — Aboriginal proverb