Real Leaders 100

94 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2019 84 THE CAPROCK GROUP “A firm our clients wished their best friends would hire and where every other advisor wished they worked.” Mission › To build homes, relationships and businesses that help regenerate communities and environments. Future Impact 2050 › Re- imagine how wealth advice is offered and delivered. Re-engineer the way capital interacts with the destructive aspects of its own operations. Demonstrate that there is no need for the term “impact” because every aspect of investing will be become “impact.” 86 SOLBERG MANUFACTURING “Helping others succeed is a key driver of our own successes in business.” Mission › Partner with customers, colleagues, and suppliers to help them innovate and discover new possibilities. Future Impact 2050 › When implementing their products and services, users will see dramatic reductions in energy consumption for resource intensive industrial processes. Responsibly growing the business while maintaining a net-zero energy footprint will be an inspiration for future generations of leaders. 83 GELFAND PARTNERS ARCHITECTS “An award-winning firm that brings innovative,sustainable design and transformative solutions to schools,colleges, housing,community facilities,and social enterprises.” Mission › Approach design a little differently – healthier, more affordable and more stimulating. Future Impact 2050 › To date, 55 housing communities that includes 6,325 single and family residences, 45 school communities and renovated classrooms for 21,300 students. This will continue through 2050. 82 DEWEY’S BAKERY “We are creators of delight!” Mission › To mine the full potential of their brand and the possibilities of their team members. Future Impact 2050 › They want to be a model for the power of integrating the “Why” of each team member with the “Why” of the company. 85 GREENTECH CAPITAL ADVISORS “A different kind of investment bank. Dedicated to changing the way the world does business.” Mission › Empowers companies and investors who are creating a more sustainable global infrastructure. Drive industry transformation with disruptive technologies and business models that are low carbon, prosperous and resilient to the impacts of climate change. Future Impact 2050 › They aim to be the most impactful global leader in sustainable technology and infrastructure. The go-to advisory and asset management firm of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 87 AMAVIDA COFFEE “Working for producers, community,environment and customers.” Mission › To improve the lives of small coffee farmers in impoverished communities. Future Impact 2050 › Healthy coffee farming communities supported by consumers that are educated and concerned about their choices. A belief in the B Corporation movement as a means to improve the way we conduct business - towards others and the environment. Educational institutions teaching a new way of doing business along these ideals. REAL LEADERS 100 TOP IMPACT COMPANIES 2019 AWARDS