Real Leaders 100

82 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2019 REAL LEADERS 100 TOP IMPACT COMPANIES 2019 AWARDS “WE BELIEVE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS INVESTING IS A TRUTH, NOT A TREND. OUR FOCUS IS ON OUTCOMES, NOT OPTICS.” 47 GODDESS GARDEN “A unique personal care company focused on activism to educate and drive industry change.” Mission › Creating safe, organic, effective personal care products at an accessible price to protect mother earth and her inhabitants. Future Impact 2050 › Disrupt the sun care industry by providing effective natural alternatives to harmful, conventional chemicals. Critical salt and fresh water habitats, including coral reefs, will benefit greatly by diminished use of these harmful chemicals by consumers. Continued education on the harm caused by environmental toxins in personal care products 45 VIRGINIA COMMUNITY CAPITAL “Innovative capital solutions and collaborative leadership towards the advancement of vibrant,healthy communities and the common good of all citizens.” Mission › Support housing and community development ventures, increase jobs and build sustainable communities by offering flexible financial products and advisory services. Future Impact 2050 › Achieve national growth and acquire new capital partners involved in important social issues and sustainable solutions. Commitment to positive long-term solutions and a collective impact totaling $5 billion. 46 FARMLAND “Our fate is inextricably tied to farmland and how we manage the endowment of soil,water and biodiversity which nature has provided for us and future generations.” Mission › To catalyze a global shift to sustainable agriculture by demonstrating that sustainable agriculture is more profitable than chemical dependent commodity agriculture. Future Impact 2050 › Sustainable agriculture will be the default paradigm for agriculture in the world, impacting not only farmers but the support systems around agriculture and food. 48 CORNERSTONE CAPITAL “Socially conscious investing is a truth,not a trend. It’s about outcomes,not optics. It’s about performance that sacrifices nothing - except indifference.” Mission › Catalyzing the flow of capital toward a more regenerative and inclusive global economy. Future Impact 2050 › Embed the principles of sustainable investing in the mainstream capital markets. Investment performance will fully incorporate, and accurately measure environmental and social impact as well as revenues and earnings. 44 TRILLIUM ASSET MANAGEMENT “Impact investing is not philanthropy,it’s about creating opportunities for self-sufficiency.” Mission › Provide products and services that fulfill financial, social, and ecological goals while delivering competitive financial returns for clients. Future Impact 2050 › Collaborate with critical investor groups to strengthen the voice and impact of the SRI community. Shape and influence new regulation and legislation by 2050 that delivers broad equality of opportunity and a sustainable and regenerative global economy.