Growing up, Msizi Phewa’s future was clouded in uncertainty. What direction should he take? Who could he turn to for help? “For many years I lived without a father,” Phewa says. “I felt so lost without that figure in my life.” Little did he know that being adrift would one day steer his path. Today, Phewa is a role model in the township of KwaNyuswa, KwaZulu-Natal. “I’m here for young people,” Phewa says. 

Unemployment and lack of opportunity can lead many down the wrong track. Not Phewa. “Where some see hopelessness, I see potential,” he says. As the director of the Light Providers Youth Club, Phewa is opening doors for others to grow. The NPO has a library filled with resources, as well as a space for people to work on their strengths, whether it’s netball, singing, or dancing. Phewa also offers valuable lessons in computer literacy. “Everyone has a talent,” he says. “I hope that by coming here, the youth will find theirs.” 

Along the way, Phewa himself has discovered his purpose. He identifies as a leader, there to encourage people on their journeys. “We underestimate how important it is to have a deep understanding of ourself,” Phewa says. It could be the key to unlocking life’s possibilities.