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Doug Bystry is the Founder, President, and CEO of Clearinghouse CDFI who shares with you the challenges disadvantaged communities face with receiving loans, the most difficult decision he’s ever had to make, and the importance of following your conviction.


Kevin Chin is the CEO and Founder of Arowana who shares what impact means to him, how culture eats numbers for breakfast and the importance of not letting your hubris get in the way of long-term growth.


Tristan Louis is the President and CEO Casebook who shares his involvement in the creation of the internet, RSS feeds and what made him shift his focus to impact social workers and victims of welfare programs.


Scott Koloms is the CEO of Facilities Management Services who shares with you how to bake in social responsibility into your business, the growth that comes from employee retention, and the importance of refocusing your vision when fear sets in. Receive $18 OFF a year 1-year Real Leaders magazine subscription here.


John Denniston who alongside Tony Salas joins you today to share how their for-profit model is transforming the lives of smallholder farmers, regenerating the land, and closing the yield-gap. How will climate change affect their crops? What leadership is needed today to feed us in the future? Find out on this episode of the Real Leaders podcast.


Trevor Hardy is the CEO of BlueWave Solar who shares with you the specific moment that led to his career change, the excitement for new solar energy storage integration, and the leadership needed for the next energy revolution. BlueWave Solar ranked #15 on the 2020 Real Leaders Impact Awards, a ranking of the 100 Top Impact Companies. You can see the full list here: https://real-leaders.com/impact-awards.


David Young is the CEO of Participate Learning who shares with you the lessons learned from deciding to hand over the reins, the importance of becoming bilingual, and how his family values manifest in their company’s culture and customers. Learn more about Participate Learning by reading our free special edition here: https://real-leaders.com/impact-awards.


Jonathan F.P Rose is the President of Jonathan Rose Companies who shares people are purpose-driven beings,  how ancient civilizations can help far-sighted thinking, and the leadership needed in urban development. You can find more about Jonathan Rose Companies at real-leaders.com/impact-awards.


Bryon Merade is the Founder and CEO of Caldera Medical whose organization set a goal to improve the lives of 1 million women in marginal communities by 2025. In this episode, he talks about impact, alignment, and the importance of articulating a specific vision. Caldera Medical placed on the 2020 Real Leaders Impact Awards 100 Top Impact Companies list. You can read more about their company and the 99 others here: https://real-leaders.com/impact-awards


We go live with best-selling author and leadership expert Stedman Graham who thinks the only thing getting in your way of greatness is understanding your own identity. You can get his book at https://www.stedmangraham.com/


Jay Wilkinson, the Founder and CEO of Firespring, discovered after being fired by board members of his own company that it’s those who hold true to their values and roll with the punches that will inherit long-term success. Wilkinson shares in this episode that your purpose can act as a rutter for decision making, examples of capitalism not being used appropriately, and that leadership is, “instilling a vision to let people fulfill it.” Wilkinson’s company Firespring placed in the Real Leaders Impact Awards, a ranking of the 100 top impact companies. Listeners can receive 25% OFF their next Real Leaders magazine by entering in code: podcast25 at https://real-leaders.com/subscribe


Mark Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Chime Solutions who shares with you his humble upbringings, the importance of creating a healthy attitude for employees, and strategies to create both an impact and profit. Claim your free special edition at https://real-leaders.com/impact-awards.

How much longer does humanity have? Filmmakers, activists and producers Craig Leeson and Malcolm Wood share why they have dedicated their careers now to exploring the impact of climate change where it is most recognizable – glaciers. Learn more about their upcoming documentary at thelastglaciers.com.

Jim Adams is the former Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA and today he shares the 3 questions all scientists ask each other, how space has expanded his purpose and what NASA can teach us all. 

Ba Minuzzi is the first Latina Founder and solo GP of a VC firm in Silicon Valley. In this episode, she shares with you the importance of having like-minded investors on board, the cancer of constant internal ideas, career advice, and the foreseeable future of emerging technologies. #RealLeadersPodcast #BaMinnuzi #LatinLeaders

Emma Rose is the Founder and CEO of Final Straw, who started her career trying to educate consumers about single-use plastic entering oceans. After some digging, she arrived on the idea to harness the plastic straw movement to leverage business fundraising and awareness. Now, Final Straw has raised over $1.8 million. What responsibilities and lessons come with this funding? Find out, on this Episode 50 of the #RealLeadersPodcast.

Matthew Weatherly-white is the Co-Founder and Client Advisor of Caprock an investment advisory firm that handles over $4.5 billion dollars in client assets with $1 billion deployed in sustainable and impact investments. On our longest episode of the Real Leaders podcast, Weatherly-white breaks down the vocabulary of conscious capitalism related terms, whether capitalism can be updated, and leave business owners with one question they should think about before 2020. Learn more about Matthew Weatherly-white by visiting: https://www.caprock.com/

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Alex Fleiss the CEO and co-founder of Rebellion Research an AI-powered Robo-advisory firm that has continually outperformed the S&P 500 since 2007. Will machine learning overtake human investors? How will AI impact the labor market? And what is Rebellions Research boldest prediction? Find out on this episode of the Real Leaders Podcast. For 25% off our latest magazine use promo code: podcast25 at https://real-leaders.com/subscribe


Erik Rind is the CEO of ImagineBC, a data market access provider with a revolutionary concept to pay consumers for giving their information away without knowing the identity of the users on their decentralized network. Keep it real by signing up for our newsletter at https://real-leaders.com/free-subscription 


Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is a Best-Selling Author, Consultant, Coach, Speaker, CEO, Philanthropist, and Neuroscientist who shares that our human instincts can lead to disastrous decision making. If you would like to be notified about upcoming releases please sign up to our Real Leaders podcast newsletter at https://real-leaders.com/free-subscription/.

Likky Lavji is a well-known Business Mentor, Visionary, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur who helps people identify blind spots and live a life of congruence.

Dr. William Li is a physician, scientist, and author of the book Eat to Beat disease who spent years trying to answer his thesis of “why don’t we get sick more?” In this episode he explains the correlation of healthy foods and a strong immune system. #xMed #SingularityUniversity

Keely Wachs is the Vice President of Communications and Impact at Zume, a company that appears to be organizing a smarter sustainable food system. Can predictive food analysis reduce the unforeseen increases in food waste and improve misdistribution? Will climate change limit our harvest cycles? How are military officials preparing?
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Heather Flannery is the Global Lead at Consensys Health who shares what vulnerable life challenges lead to overcoming a distaste for healthcare, how the convergence of blockchain and machine learning technologies can lead to a more transparent and secure future, and what leadership concerns must be addressed when designing incentives for a new system. 

Ardy Arianpour is the CEO and co-founder of SEQSTER whose company accidentally fell upon a software that cracked the code of interoperability allowing healthcare providers and patients to access all of their personal health records in one common place.

In this interview, Ardy shares the challenges of a siloed healthcare system, struggles of developing a startup, and the importance of leadership decision making. 

Ryan Hickman is the Founder of Ryan’s Recycling. Ryan began collecting bottles and cans for his neighborhood when he was 3.5 years old. 7 years later he has inspired a global community of citizens who are taking the extra step to make a difference. In this interview, Ryan shares his passion, journey, and advice to people of all ages who want to make a difference. 

Mitch Hedlund is the founder of the nonprofit organization Recycle Across America (RAA) and Recycle Across the World (RAW). In this episode of the Real Leaders Podcast she discusses the U.S. and global recycling crisis and the increasing epidemic of waste in oceans. Her solution involves implementing society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins to help solve confusion at the waste bin.

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David Young is the CEO of Participate an organization that enables teachers and students of all areas to experience a fun education abroad. Many B-Corps are mission driven companies that tend to draw employees who share similar core values and interests, in Participates case they attract employees and students who crave new cultures. In this podcast David shares how Participates model has expanded to now over 450 locations.

Chad Farrell is the Founder and CEO of Encore Renewable Energy who explains where the panels come from, how solar farms are financed and the leadership it takes to sustain a business. This episode was recorded during the Real Leaders Top 100 Impact Companies campaign that highlighted the top businesses who are making a difference

Episode 36 features Robert Acton, the CEO of Cause Strategy Partners who discusses board seat placement, managing pushback, setting a vision, and inspiring a shared vision. 

Because who doesn’t want to see how dog toys are made? Play the video to the right to see Spencer move throughout West Paws manufacturing plant and learn how pet toys are brought to life.

Who is the most important person in the building? We sit down with Scott Koloms the CEO of Facilities Management Services who thinks Janitors deserve to be in the discussion. This interview was recorded and published live to our facebook page @realleadersmagazine on January 22 during the Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies initiative. Let us know what you think or want to hear by leaving a review!

John-Paul Maxfield is the Founder and CEO of Waste Farmers who believes long-term thinking fundamentally solves the needs of social and environmental problems. On this episode, we dive a little bit deeper about how short-term thinking has inhibited our success as a society. You learn more about his company at https://wastefarmers.com/  

We sit down with Aaron Fairchild, CEO of Green Canopy to learn how his mission-driven real estate group is creating a  competitive advantage in the housing market. When there are two homes that cost the same but one is environmentally friendly which one would you choose? Visit Green Canopy at https://www.greencanopy.com/

From music to cryptocurrency, see how one of the world’s most popular artists is harnessing his platform for good.  Majority of the public  know Akon as the artist who ruled the early 2000’s hip/hop and R&B scene bringing us hit albums Trouble, Konvicted, and Freedom, but little know of his efforts to rebuild and restore the land he came from – Africa. Listen to the never before heard story of how he is activating Africa. Full story at real-leaders.com/Akon

Thomas Raffa, founder of Raffa-Marcum’s Nonprofit & Social Sector Group, shares his thoughts on shared value principles, what lead him to start a mission-oriented company with quality services and how his group is benefiting from a shared leadership approach. This is a great interview if you are curious about how a company can reduce your turnover and lead with a shared vision.

Kristin Carroll is the CEO of Rescue The Behavior Change Agency who was working for a major marketing firm in NYC when she realized she wanted to align her business acumen with positive behavior change. Rescue does this through health communications, policy change to try and shift environments that shift behaviors, altering social norms to ensure healthier behaviors become normal behaviors. 

Micro-powered design or MpowerD empowers emerging economies by extending clean and affordable energy to create opportunities from problems. On this podcast listen to why MpowerD started, how they are able to reduce costs to reach poverty-stricken areas and the overarching leadership qualities that propel this company forward.

Founder & CEO, Lisa Curtis discovered a magical nutrient called Moringa in Niger, West Africa when she was 22 years old serving in the Peace Core. “I had never eaten anything that had had such a profound impact on my body”. The plant has now impacted more than just the consumer. Soon after, Lisa went on to raise all sorts of capital to hire women and men in South America, SE Asia, and Africa to produce and export her sustenance adding additional societal value to the supply chain by providing 1 world access to 3rd world countries, “it was really hard for me to get people to take me seriously. I got a lot of, `nice project little girl.’” Now, KuliKuli has raised over $10M, is located 445 stores and ranked #38 on the Real Leaders 100 list provided in the link in our bio. You can access Lisa’s full interview on Facebook: RealLeadersMagazine

Ep.27 Recap

Will is the founder and CEO of P.L.A.Y., a San Francisco-based company that specializes in lifestyle pet products such as pet beds, toys and outdoor gear. P.L.A.Y. is one of the only three companies in the pet industry that is certified B Corp and their mission-driven approach has helped them achieved fast growth in the past few years.

Ep.26 Recap

Shannon Keith, CEO of Sudara, speaks about her passion for social entrepreneurship and the journey towards creating her ethical apparel brand. Sudara is a company that aims to help minimize sex-trafficking in India by providing options for women who would typically have to sell their bodies for survival. Working through organizations that offer training and job placement for such at-risk women, the company enables them to have a life of their own choosing. Pursuing business opportunities and fair trade, Shannon hopes that one day there will be no need for a distinction between business and ethics.