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70 REAL-LEADERS.COM / SPRING 2019 REAL LEADERS 100 TOP IMPACT COMPANIES 2019 AWARDS HOW WE CHOSE THE FINALISTS Given the plethora of published lists that already exist – the richest people, sexiest celebrities, fastest growing companies, biggest organizations or most popular startups – a group of like-minded visionaries including Real Leaders , realized that what the world really needs is a list of companies that are a force for good in the world. Not a feel-good, cumbayah, granola list either; rather, a list of real companies that have shown actual economic growth by including the greater good in their mission and business strategies. The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies is exactly that – a world-first list that proves that business can thrive as a force for good. It was created through a collaboration between Real Leaders , Big Path Capital, B Lab, Bain Capital, KPMG and Mintz Levin. Because the application process required verification of growth and practices, some companies that we expected to see, did not make the cut or did not apply. To help rank the companies that feature on the following pages we needed a respected, third-party assessment tool. One that measured both social and environmental impact. As a certified B Corporation ourselves, and knowing the rigorous criteria needed to join the 2,655 other companies in 60 countries, it was only natural that we chose The B Lab assessment ( ) as our metric for screening applicants. Growth rate needed to be a key component, but was not the sole one. Scale was also important, but not at the exclusion of rising stars. We asked for verification for all of the above and spent many months sifting through motivations, revenue reports, environmental policies and social impacts. So, how did we ultimately measure business as a force for good? We came up with a simple formula. If you’ve ever studied science you’ll know that the formula for force is mass multiplied by acceleration. The Real Leaders 100 formula for Business as a Force For Good is therefore: Revenue X Growth Rate X B Impact Assessment = Force For Good. We hope you’re inspired by the companies featured here and apply in 2019 to be internationally recognized for our next Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies list. We would value your ideas on how to improve this process going forward. Next year, we will include growth businesses from anywhere in the world whose primary product or service passes muster for impact. Join us for the Real Leaders 100 Awards Gala on April 4. Register here: REAL LEADERS 100 RANKING FORMULA Revenue $ multiplied by Growth Rate % multiplied by B Impact Assessment = Force For Good Score FOUNDING SPONSORS COFOUNDED AND CREATED BY TM