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Why These Families Are Saying Goodbye to Traditional Gender Roles

Lauren Sergy juggles a regular job as a communications strategist anda growing business as a professional speaker and communications trainer, so her husband, Glen, is a stay-at-home father for their two-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.   “We chose this lifestyle for very practical reasons: finances and flexibility,” she says. “The demands of my business mean that I need to be able to see clients and […]

The Ultimate Entrepreneurs Guide to Free Internet Tools

Becoming an entrepreneur is, by definition, risky business. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes time, commitment, patience, guts, and – most importantly – passion. Another thing it takes: money. Depending on the type of business you’re planning you may need a lot of cash to get started or maybe just a little. One thing is certain: […]

5 Reasons Why Brand Activism is Here to Stay

Brand Activism is when a brand takes a stand to help drive change towards the most urgent problems facing society, based on its own beliefs, purpose and values. As Phiip Kotler and Christian Sarkar suggest in their book Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action, it is “how progressive businesses are taking stands to create a better world.”  And […]

It’s Time for a Reset — We Need to Change the Game of Business

Millions of Americans are out of work as a result of the pandemic. It’s not their fault. A growing number of small business owners have been forced to close their shops through no fault of their own.   The combination of the virus, the ongoing social outcries, protectionism, and trade wars have rocked our great entrepreneurial […]

The Difference Between ‘Minimum Wage’ and ‘Living Wage’

“What is the Difference Between ‘Minimum Wage’ and ‘Living Wage’? I went to Sri Lanka to find out. Five days, four design students, three factory tours and two garment worker visits, resulted in one unforgettable behind the scenes journey to Sri Lanka. As the Vice Chair of my family’s foundation, The Cordes Foundation, I traveled […]

5 Social Impact Lessons from the Front Lines

As he watched the devastating fires in Australia destroy nearly 7,000 square miles of countryside and 3,000 homes last year, Terry Tamminen (above, right) thought of canaries that miners carried into coal mines to determine if carbon monoxide had collected in mine shafts. “Australia was a microcosm, and these fires are a warning that we should […]

How Business Can Beat The Coronavirus: Confront the New Reality

As the vast majority of companies rush to reopen, they’re falling into the trap of “getting back to normal.” They’re not realizing we’re heading into a period of restriction once again, due to many states reopening too soon. To survive and thrive in this new abnormal, and avoid the trap of normalcy, leaders need to […]

Brands Need to Adjust to a Quarantine State of Mind

As exhaustingly ever-present as it might seem now, COVID-19 will eventually fade. Doors will open, streets will refill, and our paused lives will finally, at long last, resume. But for businesses, resuming operations won’t be as simple as flipping on the lights and leaving an “open” sign in the window. Since the start of COVID-19, […]

4 Ways Business Can Look Beyond the Pandemic Scramble

Organizations are now operating in a state of chaos and uncertainty, thanks to COVID-19. Planning for the threats and opportunities ahead is an unprecedented leadership challenge—and relying on trusted categories will be futile. Leaders will need to develop the ability to seek clarity across gradients of possibility—that is, the skill of full-spectrum thinking.  Life during a […]

5 Ways to Think Like a Philanthropist and Become a Hero Now

Thinking about putting your philanthropy on hold till the summer or fall while you and your team regroup? The global COVID-19 pandemic is confusing. You might suddenly find yourself on lockdown, and working remotely for the first time, and figuring out how to homeschool your kids. You may be reeling from the negative financial impact […]

16 Great Business Ideas For Fighting The COVID-19 Pandemic

Millions of business owners are scrambling to reinvent their businesses. Many have already found innovative ways to roll with the punches — from rethinking supply chains, redeploying staff, offering crucial advice, and even recreating your favorite bar online. We asked 16 smart CEOs and business owners how they’ve adapted to our new virus-ridden reality. 1. […]

Using Influencers For Good To Build Your Brand

Editors Note: Real Leaders is making its archive of magazines freely available to all visitors to our website as part of our contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe you’ll emerge stronger and wiser when this crisis passes, and we hope our stories will keep you entertained and inspired while we sit out this challenging time. Sign […]

How to Reinvent Yourself: The Story of a Reformed Capitalist

Guy Spier started his finance career with the right pedigree, from Oxford University to Harvard Business School. But when he took a job at an ethically challenged Wall Street firm (a number of its top leaders later pleaded guilty to fraud charges), he was ashamed. Spier didn’t participate in the malfeasance, but he felt embarrassed and […]

4 Strategies for Impact Investing With Confidence

Impact investing has moved from fringe to mainstream, but individual investors still have many moving parts to consider. Above: Jed Emerson: “SDG Heroes” is an original SDG Photography series by Ralph Reutimann  If you’re committed to impact as well as wanting to protect your financial future, you can attain various levels of financial return together with […]

Are You Ready to Transform  to an Impact Economy?

We are at the beginning of an unprecedented global transformation, where humanity will have to figure out how to live sustainably within the carrying capacity of a finitely resourced planet. And we don’t have a whole lot of time to do that! During this transformation to an impact economy, all systems will have to change, especially the […]

The Surprising Path to Becoming Impact’s Investment Bank

When the co-founders of Big Path Capital, Shawn Lesser and Michael Whelchel, decided to launch an investment bank in the teeth of the brutal 2008 financial crisis, their friends and families thought they had lost their minds. “My father was really concerned. He said, ‘Are you sure that’s a good idea?  It’s one thing to start a company in the best of times, but to start […]

Family Business: Do I or Don’t I?

“Family business” doesn’t always mean a mom-and-pop  operation. The reality is that many of the world’s most successful businesses are family businesses. For example, Facebook is a large, global, public company, but it’s also a family business with the Zuckerberg family still owning nearly one-third of the enterprise.  Regardless of scale or stage of life, a quote from Charles Dickens sums up my feelings […]

Data Leadership in Times of Crisis

Editors Note: Real Leaders is making its archive of magazines freely available to all visitors to our website as part of our contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe you’ll emerge stronger and wiser when this crisis passes, and we hope our stories will keep you entertained and inspired while we sit out this challenging time. Sign […]

5 World-Changing Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Ideas

A market-based economy is a powerful engine for development, but to be sustainable over time, it needs entrepreneurs to develop a mindset of inclusivity. These five women entrepreneurs demonstrate how this new way of thinking can create prosperity, heal the world, and find deeper meaning along the way. 1. Katherine Jeffrey / CauseGear “Sustainability matters. […]

8 Ways to ‘Speak Human’ and Change the Game

A new book, Conversation Marketing, reveals how companies can make and maintain more meaningful, impactful and enduring connections within the marketplace — by telling authentic stories, fostering customer engagement, and breeding brand loyalty. Nobody starts out automatically caring about your products or services. They care about how you can make a difference in their lives. No matter […]

An Angel Investor’s Guide for New Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur, first and foremost, is an idea person. They think differently, create opportunities where resources didn’t exist and are willing to take significant risks to pursue a thought to action. Surprisingly, I have found that an advanced business education degree can get in the way of entrepreneurship. I’ve met people who’ve earned an MBA, […]

Top 10 Oldest Companies in the World That Are Still Open For Business

We live in a time when long-established companies all around the world are finding that keeping up with the rapid pace of change is too much to handle. Retail giants are collapsing because we all shop online, airlines and travel businesses are finding that our evolving lifestyles have left them behind and the leaders of […]

Why Corporate Boards Should be Involved in C-suite Hiring

Corporate Boards’ primary responsibility is the oversight of their organizations’ executive decisions in order to protect the interests of stock- and stakeholders.  Yet some lose sight that this role extends beyond tracking bottom line numbers to making sure the right people are in C-Suite positions so that operations run smoothly.   Board Members play a […]

Disney CEO Robert Iger’s Testimonial to Empathy

In June 2016, Bob Iger (above left, with George Lucas) was in China overseeing preparations for the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. It was the culmination of an 18-year effort and a $6 billion investment that the CEO calls “the biggest accomplishment of my career.” The day before the opening, as Iger was leading a VIP […]

7 Key Trends For 2020 That Will Bring Authenticity to Your Leadership

Deloitte recently published their inaugural 2020 Global Marketing Trends Report that identifies 7 key trends to help C-suite leaders place humans at the center of their work, and how to become a more authentic leader. Constant technological change and increasing reliance on digital can leave people wanting for human connection. These 7 trends can help […]

Canada Tops Global Poll as Best Country For Social Entrepreneurs While Britain and U.S. Slump

Canada, Australia and France are the best countries to be a social entrepreneur, according to the results of a global perception poll conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in partnership with Deutsche Bank’s Made for Good programme. But Britain and the US saw a significant drop in ranking – with the US plummeting to 31st place from the top spot – since the inaugural survey […]

7 Growth Strategies to Spur Fresh Success

Growth. All businesses and professionals should desire it and most certainly need it. But achieving and sustaining growth in today’s uber-complex environment — whether corporate, entrepreneurial or personal career growth — takes multifaceted vision, ingenuity and agility. Indeed, a lack of growth in business speaks volumes. It says a business or individual hasn’t fruitfully evolved […]

Turning Passion into a Lifesaving Patent

Kim Highfield is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of SportPort — a producer of women’s athletic apparel. After becoming aware of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, she developed a patent for protective pockets in clothing that blocks electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Her technology recently went national and proves that intelligent design, paired with […]

Could Every Company Become a B Corp?

“If everyone were a B Corporation, the planet would be in a much better situation.” Jennifer Cantero, Director of Marketing & Sustainability at Sensiba San Filippo, California’s first and only certified B Corp accounting firm stated on the Real Leaders Podcast. In the video below, Jennifer shares her passion for becoming a certified B Corporation, […]

How to Lead in the New Relationship Economy

Even in the digital age of high tech and low touch, customers still seek genuine caring and personal attention. In fact, the disruptive force happening today in business is relationship building. Here’s how to attain meaningful, lasting relationships.  One of my biggest pet peeves as a business owner is when I meet a customer who […]

10 Immigrants That Helped Change the World

There are many reasons why immigrants can make great entrepreneurs. They are amazed by the quality of education and infrastructure of their new country and are struck by the lack of awareness and initiative from locals, who don’t always realize how much opportunity exists around them. Secondly, They can deal with adversity. All entrepreneurs experience […]

A Successful Executive Team Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

A successful executive team is often more — or less — than the apparent sum of its parts. Put yourself in a CEO’s chair for a moment. You have an opportunity to select the members of your top leadership team from a neat pile of resumes. You scan each one, noting their experience, their accomplishments, […]

9 Ways to Deal With Project Diversions — and Do Your Best Work

By any measure, we spend about half of our time thinking about something other than what we’re supposed to be doing. At work, this can be especially lethal to our projects and, along with them, our job satisfaction and success. Yet few people understand the degree to which routine diversions impact our performance. In fact, […]

Where’s The Opportunity? Ask an Immigrant

Rick Perez was eight years old when he arrived in the United States from Mexico, brought north by parents who believed in the promise of the American Dream. Beyond their hopes and prayers for his future, they also believed firmly that learning to speak English would mean  success. At first, he knew some basic English words […]

Why Leaders Need to “Go Organic” in Their Communications

In many organizations, the amount of attention given to anything new coming from the CEOs office is inversely proportional to how much employees hear the same old acronyms, jargon, esoteric terms and cliched aspirational language. For example, consider the verb “strive,” which practically no one uses in day-to-day conversation. In reality, low-hype, high-substance communication using […]

5 Ways to Transform Investment Risk Into Reward

In the 2018 documentary Free Solo, professional rock climber Alex Honnold does something you wouldn’t expect. He gets his brain scanned. Neuroscientists wanted to learn why he didn’t fear his upcoming quest: an immensely dangerous, 3,000-foot free solo climb of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park’s famed granite monolith. The result? It turns out Honnold is completely […]

How Your Values Can be Turned Into Profit

I own a for-profit, B Corp-accredited strategic design and innovation consultancy. We are values-led and work with clients through the lens of ‘meaningful work’. It all sounds very fluffy doesn’t it? I’m often asked by leaders of organizations how values create value. What values and purpose have to do with the bottom line and how […]

The 5 Benefits of Increasing Your Corporate Social Responsibility

As social and environmental causes become more mainstream, people want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world. Forty+ hour work weeks can make social responsibility and charitable efforts challenging to squeeze in, however, if this is built into company culture, it makes being socially or environmentally responsible much easier. By integrating social […]

How to Work with Purpose

Employee happiness can no longer be an afterthought for businesses, especially when you consider that 75 percent of job seekers say that company culture is just as influential as salary. Today’s workforce want to know they make a difference and want to be involved in a mission that helps those around them — both locally […]

7 Ways to Move onto the Promotion Fast Track

Both you and your coworker, Cathy, excelled at assignments, shared similar responsibilities, and were seemingly on fast parallel tracks. Except she just got promoted while you’re left in a holding pattern. When you ask your boss about it, you’re politely encouraged to “keep on doing what you’re doing.” But, you’d rather be doing what she’s […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Innovation Power

In this day and age with accelerating technological development and convergence of industries, all forward-looking organizations must find ways to improve their innovation power. In order to do this, organizations need to thoroughly understand their “immune systems.” Just as the body’s immune system operates to keep the body healthy and stable, the organization’s immune system […]

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Employees who work too hard are less productive and more unhappy. Sacrifice and hard work: The theme of every entrepreneur’s success story. The sleepless nights, lack of free time, and financial commitments are all worth it to see your company come to life. In fact, in the business world, these sacrifices have become somewhat of […]

Top 3 Business Tips From a Blue Angels Pilot

When you’re a Blue Angel pilot flying in formation, with a mere 36 inches between 21-million-dollar jets, you have to bring your A game. But that’s only the beginning. During the year, through 270 days on the road and countless hours of heart-pounding, intensely physical air show flying, Blue Angel pilots improve, and the distance between jets […]

3 Tips to Prevent Entrepreneurs Failing in The First Year

Someone once said, “The richest place in the world is the graveyard.” While this may be true, the statement has a macabre overtone. To rephrase more positively: “The richest place in the world is the human mind.”  The two maxims make the same point — we all dream up great ideas that have the potential […]

Fear-Based Leadership Is Bad Business. Try These 4 Steps Instead

As a leader, you may be tempted to stoke people’s fear when they aren’t getting things done. Maybe this was the approach your bosses used on you. But if you aim to build people’s courage—to rise to the occasion, conquer new tasks, and embrace challenges—you won’t get there by putting fear inside them. You’ll get […]

5 Lessons for Following a Legendary Leader like Walt Disney

No doubt Walt Disney left an indelible stamp on his company. But after his death, a succession of great and capable leaders kept the organization moving forward. Among them is recently departed Ron Miller, who may not have been the flashiest CEO, but carried the Disney company into the future by taking his own approach. […]

How To Cure a Cancerous Economy

Cancer is a disease we are all aware of. One in two of us will develop cancer at some point in our lifetime. In response, tremendous efforts are being plowed into raising public awareness, fundraising, research and treatments. The UK’s biggest charity, for example, is Cancer Research UK, with an income of £680 million, which […]

The Ruthless Actor With a Heart Of Chocolate

Ben Affleck frequently plays arrogant and ruthless characters in his films, that often feature corrupt but well-meaning law enforcement figures and characters caught in situations out of their depth. But off-screen, Affleck’s heart is easily melted. One of his goals is to kickstart organic chocolate production in the Congo, a country with more than 11,000 […]

Motorbike Transport App Creates Jobs And Saves Lives in Rwanda

Where else in the world can you upload your photograph to an app, plus a few personal details and get a job? Well, Africa for starters. With the lack of established infrastructure, Africa is in the rare position of being able to adopt new technologies without needing to spend money overhauling an existing system. In […]

CEO Confidence in Growth Dips But It’s Not All Gloom

What a difference a year makes. Nearly 30% of business leaders believe that global economic growth will decline in the next 12 months, approximately six times the level of 5% last year – a record jump in pessimism.   This is one of the key findings of PwC’s 22nd annual survey of 1,300 plus CEOs […]

Why do we Believe Things Are Impossible?

There are good reasons in believing that some things are impossible, especially when they’ve been built into our societal or organizational psyche. Greg Satell, an unconventional thinker, explains, “We spend a good portion of our lives learning established models. We go to school, train for a career and hone our craft. We make great efforts […]

Your Next Big Business Opportunity: The United Nations

The United Nations Global Compact has made the private sector a central focus of its ongoing commitment to solving the world’s pressing problems.  “With less than 4,000 days to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by the 2030 deadline, there is urgent need for greater ambition and action from the global business community, and this […]

Mars Launches New Cocoa Sustainability Strategy

Mars Wrigley Confectionery has decided to put smallholder farmers at the center of an ambitious new strategy. The maker of chocolate for more than 100 years and one of the world’s largest buyers of cocoa, has launched a new plan for overhauling its cocoa supply chain. If you like this, subscribe here for more stories that […]

Dream Small: How Local Efforts Can Make Global Impact

Sixty years ago last month, Clara Luper sat down at the Katz Drug Store counter in Oklahoma City with her two children and several members of the NAACP Youth Council, refusing to leave until they were served. Her efforts over the next several years desegregated hundreds of establishments across Oklahoma and led to one of […]

The 5-Minute Social Business Guide

Saskia Bruysten, CEO and Founder of Yunus Social Business (above) speaks to entrepreneur Laura Koch about social business. What exactly is a social business? It’s a business that considers social problems as part of its business plan. It also aims to generate profit. I co-founded Yunus Social Business in 2011 with Muhammad Yunus and Sophie […]

Brazilian Immigrant Generates Millions in Venture Capital

Barbara Minuzzi a Brazilian immigrant who faced discrimination in the workplace. She came to America to lead a more purposeful life and to capitalizing on biotech and blockchain – in the hope that it could help solve the worlds biggest problems. Listen as she shares her journey.  

Ensure You Stay Ahead Of Your Own Organization

Leaders who fail to increase their sophistication as their company grows are in peril of being left behind. Many leaders have had that moment when they realize they are no longer leading the charge but are instead watching their business surge ahead of them. This is what YPO Member John Hillen  and Mark D. Nevins, co-authors […]

Designing Corporate Impact: 4 Keys to Success for Autodesk Foundation

With an approach as new as impact investing, corporate leaders often have to blaze their own trails, sometimes with a few twists and turns. Take, for example Joe Speicher (pictured above). As a freshly-minted undergraduate, he headed to Wall Street with many of his brightest peers. But after what he describes as a “Eureka moment,” […]

Why Blockchain is Vitally Important to Women

Global investment titan J. Todd Morley (pictured above) on women and the blockchain imperative. I have completely upgraded our thinking to account for the effects – and to invest in businesses – which take advantage of the blockchain. Why? Because it’s Internet 3.0. If you like this, subscribe here for more stories that Inspire The Future. The […]

Finding Opportunity in a Changing World

As social entrepreneurs continue to push the boundaries of capitalism and seek solutions to the world’s largest problems, Tom Bird offers this advice: “Build your ‘stone, sponge, crispness’ skillset.” Bird elaborates on that skillset in the interview below, but it’s a repertoire that has served him well. From a career in technology to decades on […]

The Barcelona Restaurant That Tells Refugee Tales

Tucked away in a mediaeval Spanish square, an unconventional restaurant is training refugees and telling their stories, hoping to change the lives of migrants and how people see them. Espai Mescladis is both a restaurant and culinary school – and part publishing house. It trains migrants from as far afield as Venezuela, Senegal and Pakistan […]

Fashionably Late: Saudi Arabia Hosts First-ever Fashion Week

Fashionable women, dark-haired Saudis and blonde Eastern Europeans alike, fill the gold-trimmed halls of Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, marking the start of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever fashion week. Models and makeup artists preparing for the inaugural Saudi episode of Arab Fashion Week that took play in early April said they were surprised the event was taking place […]

Tips for Becoming a Socially Responsible Investor

When it comes to investing, a growing share of Americans think strong financial returns are not enough. They want to make a social impact, too. According to the US SIF Foundation, sustainable, responsible and impact investing grew by more than a third from 2014 to 2016. The sector accounted for $8.72 trillion in investments in 2016 – […]

Scottish Heritage Attracts Millions

Scotland’s heritage attractions have hit a record milestone, welcoming more than 5 million people for the first ever time in a single year and boosting economic growth. Historic Environment Scotland (HES), who manage over 300 Historic Scotland visitor attractions across the country representing more than 5,000 years of Scottish history, are celebrating a 17% increase in footfall from the […]

Building Bikes For Social Mobility

Bicycles are a manifestation of what John Dengler has been trying to do with the homeless of Tampa, Florida for years. The city suffers from the second-highest rate of homelessness after Los Angeles, mainly due to temperate winters that allow those on the streets to survive year-round. “In our society, if people don’t have monetary […]

Welcome to The Tipping Point of Capitalism

At a time defined by political scandals, nuclear threats, and turbulence on Wall Street, business is society’s unlikeliest hero. A series of watershed statements, reports, and initiatives from some of the world’s most well known capitalists is heralding a new zeitgeist, during which businesses are expected to exist to benefit society – not just shareholders. If you […]

7 Sustainable Investment Tips

Socially responsible investing is a global phenomenon. It relates to any investment strategy which considers both financial return and social good to bring about change. We asked seven experts what makes an investment sustainable and how money can be a force for good. If you like this, subscribe here for more stories that Inspire The Future.  […]

Could Wall Street Finally Become Conscious?

Last week, BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink issued a letter to CEOs titled “A Sense of Purpose.” It was heralded by The New York Times DealBook columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin as what “could be a watershed moment on Wall Street, one that raises all sorts of questions about the very nature of capitalism.” This watershed moment […]