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5 World-Changing Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Ideas

A market-based economy is a powerful engine for development, but to be sustainable over time, it needs entrepreneurs to develop a mindset of inclusivity. These five women entrepreneurs demonstrate how this new way of thinking can create prosperity, heal the world, and find deeper meaning along the way. 1. Katherine Jeffrey / CauseGear “Sustainability matters. […]

10 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

Humanity has faced urgent threats in the past, but never one as all-encompassing and existential as the climate crisis. The conditions of Earth’s atmosphere today haven’t been seen for roughly 3 million years; humans have never lived on a planet like this. Changes are coming faster than most scientists have predicted — and society needs […]

3 Things to Never Ask a Military Veteran in the Workplace

A veterans law attorney explains what critical questions to avoid when interviewing a military veteran for a job — and interacting with those already on-staff — to avoid legal landmines and to help foster a military-friendly employer status. While this story has a U.S. focus in honor of Veterans Day, these same questions can apply […]

10 Immigrants That Helped Change the World

There are many reasons why immigrants can make great entrepreneurs. They are amazed by the quality of education and infrastructure of their new country and are struck by the lack of awareness and initiative from locals, who don’t always realize how much opportunity exists around them. Secondly, They can deal with adversity. All entrepreneurs experience […]

A Better Way to Lead: Paul Polman’s Lessons For Our Future

When Paul Polman resigned as CEO of British-Dutch consumer goods company Unilever last year, he left behind a decade of innovation and a global company with more than 400 brands, housed in a $140 billion company. He also left behind inspiration for our future, a visionary roadmap for consumers and CEOs alike. His long-term strategy […]

Before Politics: This is What World Leaders Did For a Job

World leaders, like everyone else, should not just be understood by the job they have now or the money they claim to have made along the way. Like everyone else, our leaders are shaped by where they started: their first job. Here are the roles they had to fight for, and the ones they had […]